How to open an ice rink

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Winter time for many of us is associated with childhood experiences of snow, skiing, sledding and skating. With the advent of the first frosts, numerous skating rinks appear in cities and towns, the services of which are enjoyed by children and adults.

Building an ice rink, baying a small area and organizing a rental center is quite simple. However, this option has a pronounced seasonal nature, and the income of such an enterprise melts along with the first rays of the spring sun.
Modern technologies allow you to create a business that will bring money all year round, regardless of the weather.
Indoor ice skating rinks are very popular, as they allow you to skate or practice winter sports, regardless of the weather. To open an ice rink, financial investments are required, the amount of which depends on the design of the rink and its area.

A fairly cheap option for an indoor ice rink are inflatable structures in which the dome is supported by air currents. Such skating rinks can be built in 2-3 months, saving significant funds on design and installation.

However, a more durable and reliable option is the construction of a stationary metal structure, which allows you to provide both sufficient indoor temperature and a higher level of comfort for visitors to the rink.
Moreover, when choosing a design option, it is necessary to conduct marketing research and find out the level of demand and the possibility of building an ice rink in a convenient place for this.
When determining the area of ​​the future ice rink, it is necessary to proceed from the safety and comfort requirements for the visitor, which provide for at least 7 square meters of area per person. After assessing the needs for ice rink services and the approximate number of visitors, it will be easy to calculate the required area of ​​​​the ice rink and, therefore, choose the design option and options for its placement.

It is clear that it is rather difficult to find a suitable site for such a large structure, especially in the central part of the city. It is even more difficult to obtain a building permit for such a large-scale project. However, the ice rink is a place for leisure activities, sports activities for children of different ages, so it is quite possible to enlist the support of the city authorities, and even receive partial funding for the project from the city budget.

The initial cost of creating an ice rink depends on the design. As experience shows, the construction of a stationary indoor ice rink costs several million dollars. These are serious expenses, especially since it is necessary to provide not only the technological features of the ice arena, but also the requirements for safety, appearance, thermal insulation, and so on. When planning the costs of opening an ice rink, it is also necessary to provide for the purchase of cleaning equipment, skates, the organization of changing rooms and rental points.

The ongoing maintenance of the ice rink is also expensive. The main cost of the ice rink is the cost of electricity. Maintaining the optimal temperature is expensive, since the maintenance of one square meter of ice requires about 50 watts per hour. It is also necessary to take into account the costs of maintenance of refrigeration units, staff salaries, and ice rink security. A significant part of the current costs of the ice rink is also the constant purchase of skates for replacement, since rental skates wear out rather quickly.

The company’s income consists mainly of income from the rental of skates and the sale of entrance tickets. The cost of one hour of skiing can be from 200 to 400 dollars. In addition, often the premises of the ice rink are rented by sports schools and teams.

An additional income of the rink can be advertising, which is placed in the form of banners on the sides of the rink or on entrance tickets. Various small cafes and bars where you can drink tea, have a snack and relax after skiing are also becoming very popular.

The profitability of an ice rink is quite high: 50-60%. This allows you to recoup the cost of opening an ice rink within about 2-3 years. The profit of the rink, after reaching the payback threshold, can amount to several million dollars a month.

However, for the right steps to create and manage this business, it is necessary to be guided by a high-quality business plan , which, at your request on our website, is ready to be prepared by highly qualified specialists with all the necessary economic calculations.