How to open a pub

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Despite the huge number of cafes , restaurants, fast foods and other catering establishments, Russia is sorely lacking places to chat with friends.
That is why gatherings on benches and barbecues are so popular. Meanwhile, the form of an institution for communication has long been invented and is widely popular in the West. Is it a pub, brasserie or restaurant.

The prospect of pub development is very high, especially in large cities. However, one should not blindly copy the concept of a Western pub, since the difference in mentality requires a special approach to opening a pub in Russia. If in the West visitors can spend the whole evening in a pub with a mug of beer, then in our country they will definitely want to eat. Our pub should offer snacks for beer, including hot ones, which means that the pub needs a kitchen. In this respect, a Russian pub is often closer to a restaurant than a simple bar.
Attempts to open a pub without a kitchen almost always result in it being turned into a wine-shop and further ruined.
On the other hand, in order for a pub to become popular, it must have its own peculiarity, a “zest” that distinguishes it from other establishments. Most of the pub’s visitors are regular customers who come by themselves and bring their friends. But people will come to the same place only when they feel comfortable and pleasant there. Before opening a pub, you need to conduct a very conscientious marketing research to determine your future target client, for whom the interior and atmosphere of the pub will be created. This is the most important condition for the success of the institution.
People are attracted by the originality and unusual design of the pub.
It can be a retro style, or, conversely, a futuristic background, automotive or artistic theme. For example, one popular pub spun on the image of a soldier Schweik, and another put a limousine in the middle of the hall, where you can also sit with friends.

The right choice of pub theme and appropriate design is half the battle.

And for this you need to know who the institution is designed for. A common mistake is to open a pub in the sleeping areas of cities. It’s in Ireland that people go out to spend an evening in a pub with friends. It is difficult to get a person out of our house. Most people meet up with friends after work. Therefore, it is better to choose a place for a pub in the business centers of the city, but not on the main street, but somewhere nearby, in an alley. This will allow customers to relax in a calm environment close to the place of work.

The other half of a pub’s success is a thoughtful and detailed business plan.

The costs of opening an establishment are not so small that they can be neglected in case of failure. After all, you need to spend from 1.5 to 5 thousand dollars for the repair and decoration of the premises, the registration of an enterprise, the purchase of kitchen and commercial equipment, furniture, utensils, and so on. To open an institution, you must comply with all the requirements of supervisory authorities in terms of fire and sanitary safety. Advertising costs will also be required, especially during the opening and establishment of the pub.

Experience shows that the initial investment in a successfully opened pub pays off within 6-10 months. However, such profitability is only possible with skillful management and planning.