How to open a cheese production

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Cheese production is one of the most promising areas in the near future. The formation of new cheese production is facilitated not only by the high demand for these products, but also by the country’s general policy of import substitution.

Increasingly popular among entrepreneurs are small cheese factories that can process a reasonable amount of milk received from farms and are highly profitable.

To open your own cheese production, you must first of all have sources of raw materials. The conclusion of an agreement with the farm allows you to solve the problems of obtaining raw materials, but the cheese maker must be sure of the high quality of the milk received. For the production of high-quality cheese, milk with a maximum content of protein and fat is required.
Setting up a cheese production business is a rather complicated process, both from an organizational and technological point of view.
You can start implementing this business idea only after conducting a marketing research and preparing a high-quality business plan. It is necessary to ensure not only the availability of sources of raw materials, but also the existence of reliable channels for the sale of finished products. The cost of production of private cheese factories, as a rule, is somewhat higher than the cost of production of large dairy industries. Therefore, it is necessary to make sure that the products of a private cheese factory at estimated prices will be in demand in the distribution network. However, the quality of cheese produced by private entrepreneurs is often higher than that of large producers, since the cheese is made from high-quality natural raw materials. In addition, small cheese dairies are able to quickly rebuild the technological process, producing unusual and elite varieties of cheese. These products are usually in high demand, although their price is always higher than the price of popular cheese varieties.
When organizing the production of cheese, it must also be taken into account that the production of dairy products requires licensing.
This imposes special requirements on premises, equipment, and compliance with technological processes. The premises of a small cheese factory must be equipped in accordance with the requirements of sanitary and fire authorities. The area of ​​the main production facility can be small — from 30 to 50 square meters. It is also necessary to provide a separate room for storing and maturing cheese, since the maturation process lasts for a rather long period. The premises must be provided with ventilation, heating, sewerage, water supply and electricity.

Cheese dairy equipment may consist of separate units, but it is more profitable to buy a mini-cheese dairy, in which all technological processes are combined into a single complex. Such cheese dairies are supplied as a set, are easy to install and are designed for various volumes of milk processing, which is very convenient when developing a business project.

The initial costs of organizing your own cheese factory can be estimated at between 650,000 and 3,000 dollars. The volume of investments strongly depends on the chosen cheese production technology and the volume of processed products, the type of equipment.

The current costs of cheese production will consist of rent, utilities, staff salaries, transportation costs, costs for the sale of finished products and advertising.

The profitability of a cheese factory, as well as the profitability of food production in general, does not allow for a quick return on investment, however, the initial investment in the organization of a cheese factory usually pays off within 2-3 years. A quick profit of a new enterprise is possible if the entrepreneur acts as efficiently, quickly and systematically as possible.

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