How to open the production of paving slabs

Business ideas by directions

The business idea for the production of paving slabs has long been an example of organizing a small business without much investment. Indeed, it is possible to organize such production even in the yard of your own house or in the garage, without investing huge sums in the purchase of equipment and technologies.

However, there are not so many successful examples of developing such a business, there are many more examples of unsuccessful attempts to create your own business. What is the reason for the success of some entrepreneurs and the failure of others? And there is only one reason every time.
Successful entrepreneurs calculate their every step and act systematically. And the rest hope for a chance and act on the basis of worldly ideas.
The production of paving slabs, like any other business , must be taken seriously and responsibly. The money spent on the creation of production should return with a profit, and there is no place for baseless fantasies. You can start production only after conducting market research and drawing up a reliable and calculated business plan.

The bottleneck of this type of business is sales.

Competition in this market segment is very high due to the ease of production of tiles. Therefore, the main question of the success of the enterprise is the question of where, at what prices and how finished products will be sold. Therefore, during the marketing research, it is necessary to identify not only the presence of competitors, the cost and quality of the products offered on the market, but also possible distribution channels. One-time sales of paving slabs to summer residents cannot become the basis for the production of serious volumes of paving slabs. But getting even a small order from the city authorities can be the first impetus for obtaining a stable income. At the same time, it is not so difficult for a small business to receive such an order — it is enough to win a tender for participation in public procurement.
As for the initial investment in the paving slab business, they are highly dependent on the production technology.
In principle, tiles can also be produced by hand, pouring molds with mortar. However, the quality and cost of such tiles will not allow talking about serious business.

Another thing is paving slabs made using vibrocompression or vibrocasting. In this case, the products can fully compete with other manufacturers in terms of quality, and the production volumes will make it possible to reduce the cost to acceptable values.

The optimal technology for the small production of paving slabs is vibrocasting. At the same time, the solution is prepared in a concrete mixer, poured into molds, and its desired density is achieved on the vibrating table. Then the solution in the molds is dried, the tiles are stripped (that is, they are released from the molds) and stacked on pallets.

Initial investments in the production of paving slabs, depending on the technology and production volumes, range from 200 thousand to a million dollars. This does not take into account the costs of building or repairing premises for organizing a workshop and supplying communications (electricity, water). If there are orders, such costs will pay off within a few months, since the profitability of tile production reaches 50%.
However, even in the presence of orders, it is possible to bring the enterprise to profitability only with a serious approach to business and careful planning.

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