How to open a sauna

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When we considered the business idea of ​​a bath , we already mentioned, as one of the options, the organization of a sauna. The Finnish sauna, which uses dry steam in the steam room, is considered one of the best ways to maintain health and lose weight. The popularity of saunas is growing every year, especially among those who are engaged in fitness, monitor the condition of the skin and their weight. In addition, saunas are considered by many visitors as one of the ways to spend time with friends, chat in a pleasant environment, have fun and relax.
Opening a sauna continues to be a promising business option for many aspiring entrepreneurs.
We note right away that there are many options for organizing a sauna, ranging from a small classic sauna with a steam room and a small pool to a fairly large spa or entertainment center.

In order to accurately choose the most optimal and profitable option, an entrepreneur needs to conduct a marketing research, select a target group of customers, determine the list of services and prepare a high-quality business plan.
The correct definition of the target customer group is extremely important for the future profitability of the sauna as a business.
If the sauna is designed for people involved in sports or fitness, then it would be logical and correct to open a sauna within or near a fitness center, combine the sauna with a small massage parlor , or provide spa services as an addition. Visitors to fitness centers and gyms lead a healthy lifestyle and tend to spend time in the sauna for an additional effect after training.
Another thing is customers who just want to relax in the sauna and have fun.
In this case, it makes sense to equip the sauna with an additional room where customers can sit at the table, have a drink and a snack, watch movies or sing karaoke. For such groups of clients, it is important not so much to equip the sauna as the opportunity to have fun and relax.
Large saunas can combine opportunities for different groups of clients, highlighting separate areas for procedures, entertainment, and massage.
From the choice of the orientation of the sauna and the interests of customers, the organization of the premises, as well as the equipment of the sauna from a technical point of view, depends. However, in any case, the steam room must be equipped with high quality and professionally. The difference between a sauna and an ordinary bath is also the presence of a pool. This creates additional difficulties in choosing the premises and its technical equipment, as it requires particularly good water supply and sewerage equipment.
To save money, you should consider options for modern infrared saunas, which allow you to organize a sauna in a small room and are supplied as a kit.
The initial costs of opening a sauna depend on the composition of the premises, their technical equipment and range from 100 thousand to one and a half thousand dollars. As a rule, the most optimal is the inclusion of a sauna, in addition to the steam room itself, a shower room, a swimming pool, a relaxation room, a bar, a small sports area, a locker room and a room for massage and cosmetic services. In addition to the technical equipment of the sauna, you will also need to purchase furniture, linen, disposable slippers and other accessories. By the way, from their sale or rental, you can get a good additional income.

The current costs of the sauna are made up of rent, staff salaries, purchases of consumables, food, drinks, utility bills.
The profitability of a sauna, located in a good place and having a constant load, allows you to pay back the investment in it within 1-1.5 years.
The profitability of a sauna often depends on whether you use your own space or rent it. As a general rule, the initial cost of furnishing a space is significant, and there is always a risk that the owner of the space will raise the rent after renovation. This can significantly reduce the overall profitability of the project and increase its payback period. In this regard, it is preferable to use your own premises or a detached house to organize a sauna, or clearly state all the conditions in the lease agreement. A high-quality business plan, according to which the project develops, plays a huge role in opening a sauna.

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