How to open a sushi bar

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In recent years, Japanese cuisine has become increasingly popular. Unusually beautiful and delicious rice and fish dishes attract both regular customers and those who want to try culinary exoticism. All this makes the sushi bar business idea promising and profitable, as evidenced by all the new establishments opening in cities and towns.

Sushi bar can most likely be attributed to fast food , the cooking time in it is short. This serves as an additional incentive to go to a sushi bar for a bite to eat or sit with friends after work.
It is also attractive from a business point of view that opening a Japanese cuisine establishment does not require large investments.
The kitchen equipment of such a bar is not difficult, because most sushi recipes use raw or smoked fish. However, in order for the institution to quickly gain popularity, it is necessary to carefully consider and design the interior of the bar, as well as recruit qualified chefs who can not only cook deliciously, but also beautifully decorate the dish.
It is the beauty and variety of sushi that often plays a decisive role in forming the core of regular customers.
Opening a sushi bar requires a space of 60 to 100 square meters. It is advisable to conduct a marketing research before starting the selection of premises in order to avoid unnecessary competition and choose the best area for maximum income. Particular attention should be paid to side streets in the central part of the city, near office buildings or educational institutions. The premises of the sushi bar must comply with the requirements of the sanitary and fire authorities, so it is better to take these standards into account when carrying out repairs and preparatory work.

When decorating a bar, it is desirable to use Japanese national motifs. Many problems related to the design of a sushi bar, recipes and assortment selection can be removed by opening a bar on a franchise basis. In the case of independent work, you will have to do all this yourself or involve third-party specialists.

The initial investment in opening a sushi bar can be estimated at 2–2.5 million dollars. The main part of this amount will go to the renovation and decoration of the premises.

Approximately 300-500 thousand dollars will be spent on the purchase of kitchen equipment:

  • rice cookers,
  • thermoses,
  • sushi cases
  • cutting tables,
  • refrigerators,
  • showcases,
  • dishes and so on.

When preparing a business plan, it is also necessary to take into account the costs of obtaining permits and medical books for bar employees, registration of a legal entity, and so on.

Operating costs will consist of rent, utility bills, employee salaries, food purchases, and so on.

The profitability of a sushi bar, as a rule, allows you to pay back the initial investment within one and a half to two years, and the monthly income is from 60 to 150 thousand dollars.

On our website you can order a detailed business plan for a sushi bar with all the necessary calculations, in relation to your specific conditions. A preliminary calculation of profitability can be done using the calculator posted on the main page of the site.