How to open a pig farm

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With mutual sanctions and a food embargo, the idea of ​​starting a pig farming business is becoming very promising for rural areas.
Moreover, the profitability of such a business often reaches 30-50%, which is practically unattainable for most business ideas.
Raising pigs is certainly not a simple and easy task. It requires a solid investment and hard work. In addition, the profitability of pig farming is highly dependent on the right approach to business and a clear business plan, which, unfortunately, is neglected by many. Meanwhile, the success of the enterprise mainly depends on the accuracy of calculations and skillful management.

The pig house can be built from scratch, or it can be reconstructed on the basis of an abandoned farm, of which there are many left in the countryside. Repairs are usually not cheap, however, in any case, it is cheaper than construction. When equipping a pig farm, the need for at least two separate rooms for adult pigs and sows with offspring must be taken into account.
Each room should also have a separate paddock, for the safety of the offspring. It is also useful to make a separate room for the boar, if conditions allow.

A prerequisite for the premises of a pig farm is the availability of water, electricity, heating.

It is also necessary to ensure good ventilation of the room. That is why it is preferable to use the old premises of the farms, since the supply of communications to the newly built ones can be prohibitive in terms of costs. For heating a pig farm, you can use electric convectors or solid fuel boilers. This item of expenditure is also significant in the winter period, but it is impossible to do without it: the health of the pigs is the key to the success of the enterprise.

It is also necessary to provide conditions for the storage of feed, it is best to allocate a separate room for this. Feed bins are usually used for distribution of feed, although conventional feeders can also be used. Feeding automation requires additional investment, but allows you to save on staff in the future. Naturally, it is necessary to take care of automatic drinkers.

One of the problems of the pig farm is the problem of cleanliness in the premises.

Here again, there is a dilemma — either initially equip the premises with a manure cleaning system, or subsequently spend money on maintaining cleanliness.

The initial costs should also include the purchase of pigs and feed. These are significant costs, which largely depend on the choice of pig breeds. And when choosing breeds, it is necessary to be guided by the results of a marketing research to study demand and competition.

Operating costs, in addition to rent, utility bills and staff salaries, should include the cost of veterinary services, the constant purchase of feed and transportation costs.

The cost of the business of raising pigs is quite high, however, the income from the sale of finished products is very solid.

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