Calculation of the break-even point on the site «Business and Plan»

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On our website you will be able to calculate the break-even point of your project within five (maximum 7 minutes)

You can read more about what a break-even point is and how it is calculated in the article: “Calculating the break-even point”.

Let’s analyze a simple algorithm for calculating the break-even point online which consists of 6 steps. This calculation can be done at this link:

The calculation will be made on a conditional example.

Step 1. Enter the name of the project

For example, let’s take the project of opening a «Shop for household goods», respectively, enter the name of the project:

Step 2. Enter the selling price of one unit of production and its cost

Let the average check in the store be $ 300, and the markup is 50%. Then we can safely enter the selling price — $ 300, the unit cost of production — $ 200:

Step 3. Enter the planned sales volume per month (in rubles)

Our store sells an average of $350,000 per month. In the worst month, $200,000, and in the best months, $400,000. Accordingly, we enter these data:

Step 4. Enter fixed costs

Enter the amount of fixed expenses for the month:

Step 5. Click on the «CALCULATE» button
Step 6. Download calculation results in Excel (with graphs and table)

Do not forget to click the «DOWNLOAD» button in order to get the calculation table in excel and the graph.

You will receive an excel file with a chart and a table by mail. This is how easy it is to calculate the break-even point of your business or a new project.

Good luck with your business!