Start-up capital in crisis: barter

Start-up capital

We continue a series of articles on how to get or save start-up capital in times of crisis. In the previous article, we considered a very exciting question: how to get a discount. Now let’s go further and consider the question: how not to spend money at all?

Is there a barter now?

In the distant 90s, the word «barter» was very popular. I was a child then, but I remember well that barter involved even domestic issues, not to mention business. But is the concept of barter now gone?

Just a couple of months ago — in October 2014 — I was selling my car. It just so happened that I bought the old car 7 years ago. All this time she served me faithfully and reliably. But it’s time for her to find a more sedate master.

So I started selling it since the summer. Posted an ad on, hung an ad on the glass. But the process moved very slowly. If they offered money, they demanded a big discount.
But most simply offered EXCHANGE. And this is BARTER. Here it is barter in our life.
And this is not the 90s, this is the real 2014.

Is it possible to use barter in order to save start-up capital?


First, you can offer a service in exchange for a service. For example, when I created this site, my partners and I entered into a deal: I will write a business plan for them, and they will help me with the site. Here is a living example of saving start-up capital. Pay less money for the site by providing a service.

— secondly, you can offer an exchange of goods, or give goods for a service. If you have a passenger car, but you need a Gazelle for business, you can exchange it. There are a lot of examples — the same is replete with exchange offers. This way you can also save start-up capital.

— finally, you can exchange your working hours for what you need to start a business.

In general, the scope for imagination here is quite wide.

Therefore, let’s move on to the conclusions: how to use «barter» as a start-up capital for your business?

1) during a crisis, there is not enough money in the economy, so the exchange of money for goods is partially replaced by the exchange of goods for goods;

2) you can use this trend (precisely in a crisis) to save on start-up capital:

– you can provide a service in order to receive in return what you need to start a business,

— You can trade or sell your items to get what you need more.

Use these rules and save your money to start a business, and find more funds for start-up capital!

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