Business without investments at home

Choosing a business idea

What about those who want to do their own business and not depend on the employer, having no initial capital, no garage, no other premises than their own apartment? Are there opportunities and prospects for such people?

What is needed to start a business without investments at home?

We have already said that to start your own business, the main thing is not money , but the knowledge and skills that almost every person already has. Therefore, there are many business ideas that have already been successfully implemented by other people who started their business at home and without investment.

If you are reading these lines, then at least you have a computer and the Internet at home.

For a huge number of people, these are the tools with which they started their first business.


There is a huge list of jobs that are in demand on the labor market and involve remote work, the so-called freelance. The cost of these works depends on the qualifications and knowledge of the worker. There are so-called freelance exchanges, where orders are placed for various jobs, outlining the requirements for them and working conditions.

The most in demand and well paid are various orders for highly qualified people — programmers, designers, project management specialists, and so on.

For less qualified people, jobs are offered at fairly low rates and more stringent conditions, since competition in this segment is higher.

But the work-from-home business ideas are not limited to this.

Fashion and business

For example, many women who are well versed in fashion build their business on intermediary purchases of fashionable and inexpensive items at online auctions.

Buying things in China or on eBay, and then reselling them to their customers, such entrepreneurs make good money on the difference in price.

True, for this you need to be able to communicate well, work hard and be aware of all the trends in the demand for fashionable clothes.

Flower shop at home

Fans of growing indoor plants can create their own business at home by dedicating a corner and window sills in their apartment for this, and spending little money on pots, earth and fluorescent lights. The sale of grown plants can be negotiated with the nearest flower shop.

Cutting and sewing courses

Very good money is earned by those who know how to sew. Oddly enough, there is a constant demand for making clothing for pets.

By learning how to sew overalls, hats and even dresses for dogs and cats, you can gradually create a circle of regular customers and build your business on the sometimes crazy love of owners for their pets.

In general, any knowledge, skills or hobbies can become the basis for starting your home business. The main thing is to understand yourself, what you really want to do. And then think about how to build your business at home.