Business without investments in the service sector

Choosing a business idea

The service sector is one of the most sought after areas of small business. All people are involved in the service industry, either as customers or service providers. We constantly resort to the help of specialists, saving our time and effort.
It is in the service sector that a novice entrepreneur can earn his first money.

Service Business — Hair Salon

However, often investments are required to start a business. Let’s take as an example one of the most popular and profitable services — a hairdressing salon. Of course, this is a profitable business.

People always come to the hairdresser, at any time of the year and despite the crisis. After all, hair grows constantly and requires care.

But to organize a hairdressing salon, you need, first of all, a room. You need equipment, mirrors, chairs and so on. You can’t do without investment.

Another popular service is cleaning.

House cleaning is quite popular and profitable. But it also requires equipment and household chemicals, without which you cannot do high-quality cleaning.

Is it even possible to create a business in the service sector without investments ? Of course you can. To do this, you need to use your knowledge and skills.

A man for an hour is also a service

For example, many men can work well with their hands. And at home they do everything themselves — they can install repairs, and replace plumbing, and an outlet. Such a master always has a minimum set of tools. And some have very solid sets. Here is a ready-made business without any investments.

A popular service is “Husband for an hour” or “Master for an hour”. Installing cornices, sockets and switches, replacing toilets and sinks, cleaning sewer blockages in the kitchen, minor repairs of household appliances — all this does not take much time, is in constant demand and brings a good steady income, especially if the master creates a circle of regular customers.

Business without investments — tutoring

Tutoring is another line of business that does not require investment. To prepare for the exam, tutors are constantly hired. And the fee for the lesson is not small. By recruiting students, you can make a good business. True, for this you need to be a good specialist and teacher, to expend a lot of effort. But if your students successfully pass the exam, then a constant influx of new students is guaranteed. There is often a queue for good tutors, and their pay is higher.

Computer help

Computer assistance — for good specialists, this type of business can become the main source of income. Knowing the main diseases of computers, having a set of standard and anti-virus programs, you can bring people considerable benefits and make good money. Recovery of data from «killed» hard drives can become a separate profitable area. The cost of restoration reaches tens of thousands of dollars, so this game is worth the candle.

Business ideas for women

For women, there are also a lot of types of business without investments , some of which are in constant demand: nannies, carers, working on the Internet, and so on.

It is possible to list the types of business in the service sector without investments for a very long time. Later we will consider in detail each business separately. It is important to understand one thing: you can do without investments in business when you have the skills and the desire to apply them. This is the wealth that cannot be taken away from us, and which is waiting to be realized.