Business idea: 3D printer

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Many people quite rightly believe that a promising business can be built on new technologies that are just beginning to enter our lives. Indeed, it suffices to recall the industrial empires of Ford or Steve Jobs, built on new ideas.

One of these areas, which is just entering our lives, is 3D printing. A business idea based on a 3D printer can really provide a niche for itself in a market that has not yet been trampled down.

What is the essence of the business idea of ​​a 3d printer?

The idea of ​​3D printing itself is not new, but in recent years, advances in this area are amazing. We are talking about building entire bases on other planets using a 3D printer.

This is due to the emergence of new materials that allow you to print quite complex items in the assembly.

However, a small business does not require giant printers and cutting-edge materials.
The main value of objects printed using a 3D printer is not in their size, but in their uniqueness.

The principle of operation of a 3d printer

The principle of operation of a 3D printer is quite simple.

1) First, a 3D model of the future object is created on the computer.

2) Then the printer lays down layers of powder with a thickness of about 0.1 mm one by one and glues them together with special glue, or processes them with a laser beam.

3) The result is a solid object that exactly matches the 3D model.

That is, it becomes possible to produce unique items. This is the business idea of ​​a 3D printer.

Perspective business idea 3d printer

By making items to order, you can earn good money. For example:

1) you can make personalized gifts, which will display the volumetric name of the hero of the occasion;

2) to make jewelry according to the sketches of the customer;

3) unique souvenirs in small editions.

The cost of a business idea 3d printer

True, this type of business requires certain initial investments.
The 3D printer itself costs between $60,000 and $200,000, which means not very powerful models that can become the basis of a future business.
Consumables are also required and, of course, a computer on which 3D models will be created. However, the cost of unique personalized items will be much higher than ordinary ones.

We will consider possible income and expenses in more detail in the article Marketing research: 3D printer , after which you can draw conclusions about the profitability of this business yourself.

However, for those who want to start their business with the most promising ideas, a 3D printer business idea can be the most important one in life. After all, these technologies will develop and improve, so a specialist in this field will be the first to find new horizons for the development of his business.