Business idea: car service

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Experts estimate the number of cars in Russia in mid-2014 at 40,000 units. Naturally, such a huge amount of equipment needs constant maintenance and repair.

Therefore, the business idea of ​​a car service is in demand not only now, but for many years to come.

The car service business is diverse and makes it possible for almost every novice entrepreneur to realize their ideas. In addition, at the initial stage, the car service business idea does not require large expenses, this type of business is a great chance to start your own business.

In principle, you can even use your own garage to create a car service. We talked about this in the article Small business: production in the garage .

Car service, as a business, is experiencing considerable competition. Car enthusiasts try to entrust their car for repair to proven masters. Therefore, before starting a business, it is necessary to conduct a preliminary market research on a car service in order to make your business profitable from the very beginning.

Much depends on the list of services that you will offer to your clients.

The standard types of car service usually include engine, body, chassis repairs, electrical work, painting work, and replacement of consumables.
If the room allows, then tire fitting can also be organized in it. But, since repair and tire fitting work have different durations, it is better to carry out tire fitting in a separate room as a separate service.
The success of a car service business idea will largely depend on the qualifications of the craftsmen. If you yourself are well versed in cars, then this is a very good place to start. However, car owners want their cars to be serviced not only efficiently, but also quickly.
And the profitability of a car service will very much depend on the amount of work performed. Therefore, qualified assistants are indispensable. And good craftsmen expect good wages.
However, a car service, as a rule, allows you to earn enough, not only to cover these costs, but also to grow your business. After all, through a car service, you can implement other business ideas.

For example, the sale of spare parts for repairs and other auto products with a small margin.

Or additional services, for example, a car service with an on-site visit. Or making adjustments. Or even providing car vacuuming services. Such services can bring in much more revenue than standard jobs, increasing the profitability of a car service business idea.

About what costs may be needed to organize a car service, we will talk in the article Marketing research on a car service .