Business idea: children’s store

Business ideas by directions

Children are the best thing in our life. Most parents try to do everything for the best development of their children, in order to provide them with everything they need.

Children develop very quickly. Even toys have to be changed by children quite often, because each age needs its own toys. Clothes and shoes for children have to be changed even more often.
Children grow up faster than hope wears out.
Entire sectors of industry and the economy work for the production of children’s goods. Sales of children’s goods in almost keep up with the sales of food.

Therefore, the business idea of ​​a children’s store is relevant and fruitful.

Children’s shop: specialization

1. Assortment

However, the range of children’s goods is so wide that often even large stores do not take on the entire range: from baby food to toys and stationery. Most children’s goods stores have a certain specialization and limit the assortment to one or two areas.

To choose the right specialization for a children’s store, an entrepreneur needs to conduct marketing research , identify a market niche in which competition is not so strong in the local market, and think over the age range of children for which goods will be purchased.

2. Target group: age category of children

When implementing a business idea for a children’s store, one should not try to sell goods for all children’s ages.

Usually, aspiring entrepreneurs who do not have the opportunity to invest heavily in creating a children’s store choose the option of a toy store for children under the age of 12. This is due to the fact that the premises of such a store may not be too large, the toys in it have an average price category, and the turnover is very high.

The high turnover of goods in a children’s store is due precisely to the fact that at an early age, children develop at an amazing rate. For their rapid development, it is often necessary to change toys, giving them the opportunity to explore the world.

The choice of the age range for the purchase of goods can also be made on the basis of marketing research.
The business idea of ​​a children’s store for children under the age of three can be successful.
For infants and toddlers, parents usually buy new items, while for older children, exchange schemes or transfers of clothes, shoes, and toys from older children to younger children are often used.

3. Girls — left, boys — right

When organizing a children’s store, it is necessary to take into account the features of the early development of girls and boys. As a rule, children’s stores organize separate departments for girls and boys, taking into account the difference in the interests of children.

When creating a children’s toy store, one should not try to organize the sale of baby food and juices. Regulatory requirements for food distribution are very strict, so the pursuit of additional profit can reduce the overall profitability of the store.

Children’s store: organizational issues

1. Interior

The interior of a children’s store should be bright and attractive not only for parents, but also for children. After all, children are often the initiators of purchases, so when developing a project for a children’s store, children’s psychology must be taken into account.

2. Staff

For the successful implementation of the business idea of ​​a children’s store, it is necessary to carefully approach the selection of personnel. There is nothing worse for business in general, especially for children, the presence of gloomy and unfriendly salespeople in the store.
The friendliness of the sellers, their sincere love for children, their willingness to advise inexperienced parents in choosing goods can be a key condition for the success of a children’s store.
3. Choice of location

The opening of a children’s store next to or as part of a children’s center will be successful. Children visiting the children’s center will become the initiators of purchases if they see an attractive children’s toy store nearby.

A children’s store business idea can also be successful due to the fact that the markup on children’s products usually significantly exceeds the markup on adult products. This increases the chances of a children’s store to quickly achieve profitability and accelerate the payback period.