Farming business idea

Business ideas by directions

The farming business idea is one of the most relevant business ideas in our time. This is due to the imposition of sanctions against Russia, and the corresponding reduction in the country’s imports of products.
The desire to rely on one’s own forces necessitates the development of many areas of the economy, including agriculture.
The implementation of the business idea of ​​a farm is supported by regulations adopted recently. In particular, the law defines a peasant farm as a farm that receives up to 70 percent of its income from agricultural activities.
The organization of the farm is also attractive because it gives a large share of independence in choosing the direction of activity for the entrepreneur.
The state is ready to support farming from a financial point of view, allocating funds for its development. However, you need to understand that in order to receive state support, you need to have a clear action plan, certain own funds, as well as a ready-made business plan.

It is extremely important for the creation of a successful farm to conduct marketing research in order to find out the most profitable areas of activity, as well as to prepare sales markets.

It is most advantageous to place a peasant-farm economy close to highways and not far from cities in order to deliver agricultural products to consumers at low cost.

It is also important to determine in advance the direction of the farm.

The usual areas of farming are livestock and poultry farming, the cultivation of agricultural products, as well as additional activities, for example, the creation of chains for the processing of agricultural products received, the organization of an apiary or a greenhouse.
The most financially successful are complex farms, in which work is carried out in all these areas of activity.
Raising livestock and poultry provides the necessary amount of fertilizer for the development of crop production. Crop production, in turn, provides feed for livestock and poultry. The processing of agricultural products and the creation of finished products, especially in packaging, allows the farm to avoid the cost of intermediaries and increase its own profitability.
Former collective farms can serve as an example of such large complex farms. However, as a rule, novice farmers do not have the strength or financial capabilities to organize a large and universal farm.
That is why a business plan prepared on the basis of market research is so important for the successful gradual development of a farm, as well as a clear understanding of the stages of transition from private areas of agricultural activity to an integrated approach.

The implementation of numerous works within the framework of the farm requires not only the presence of certain personnel, but also special knowledge. As a rule, at the initial stages of the implementation of the business idea of ​​a farm, all work is carried out by the family members of a novice entrepreneur. To perform qualified work that requires knowledge, for example, an agronomist or a veterinarian, specialists can be involved on a contractual basis. In the future, as the farming economy develops and sufficient income is obtained, hired labor can also be attracted.

In general, farming, with skillful organization and firm adherence to the business plan, is a highly profitable line of business.

The profitability of the farm is ensured by correct and austerity savings, accounting for weather and other risks, as well as the availability of sales of finished products. Given all this, the implementation of the business idea of ​​a farm can become the basis for a full and prosperous life for many generations of the founder of the farm.