Business idea: cargo transportation

Business ideas by directions

Making money from trucking looks like a natural fit for any professional driver. Many people dream of owning a truck and transporting goods over long distances.

However, the business idea of ​​​​cargo transportation contains much more opportunities than simple transportation of goods.

Freight market in Russia

The trucking market is huge. The vast expanses of Russia and the large length of roads in themselves show how much the transportation of goods is in demand.

Moreover, the emerging borders and complexity of registration have reduced the interest in the transportation of small cargoes by rail, and the high tariffs for air transportation have actually reduced this type of transport to zero for small companies.
Therefore, cargo transportation by road has become the main direction of this business.
But the market is in demand not only for the transportation of goods over long distances and in large quantities. In cities, transportation of small cargoes is just more in demand. This is due to the development of trade, online stores, the need to deliver orders.

Therefore, we would suggest splitting the trucking business idea into two separate ideas:

— delivery of large cargo over long distances;

— delivery of small cargoes within settlements.

Of course, there is also a need for the delivery of small cargoes between cities, but, as a rule, companies engaged in transportation in cities take on this work.

Depending on the type of cargo transportation, it is necessary to conduct separate preliminary marketing research on cargo transportation for long-distance and short-distance routes before starting a business.

Based on the results of these studies, one should make calculations of the profitability of the business.
The highly profitable business of cargo transportation becomes when the transport company provides the whole range of works — from order acceptance, cargo packing and loading and unloading, to warehouse services and direct door-to-door delivery.
As a rule, customers are interested in just such a level of service in order to transfer these types of work to outsourcing. And in the competitive struggle, the one who is able to organize his work in this way wins.

And what about those who do not have the opportunity to make large investments in the organization of cargo transportation, the purchase of equipment, the hiring of personnel, the creation of logistics schemes?

If you have driving experience, a car and a desire to earn money, then orders for cargo transportation can always be found.
Small companies and entrepreneurs are just interested in fast and high-quality delivery of small orders.
And large transport companies are not able to engage in this type of service, since their business processes are aimed at handling large loads.

Therefore, the implementation of the business idea of ​​small cargo transportation lies almost entirely with small entrepreneurs who have one or more cars and are able to quickly accept and deliver small orders.

In this case, you need to look for customers in small stores, with express mail operators, on the Internet. Or simply place an advertisement for the provision of such services, indicating the dimensions of the goods transported. Is it true. It should be noted that a small business of cargo transportation, as a rule, includes the direct delivery of an order to the client’s door. And this is a completely different cost of time than just traveling along the route.