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The business idea of ​​a massage parlor these days is somewhat discredited by numerous ads that have nothing to do with therapeutic, cosmetic and preventive massage.

Nevertheless, massage has been and remains a powerful means of maintaining overall health and treating various diseases.

Who will use the services of a massage parlor?

To implement a massage parlor business idea, it is necessary, first of all, to decide on the types of services and the choice of the target client.

1) Most often, massage is used as an integral part of a healthy lifestyle and stress relief. Therefore, massage parlors and rooms as part of fitness clubs are so popular .

2) No less significant and in demand is therapeutic massage, since the treatment of a number of diseases and the restoration of body functions is unthinkable without massage.

3) Less popular, but more profitable cosmetic massage, the prices for which are usually quite high.

Where is the best place for a massage parlor?

Depending on the type of massage and the target audience, you need to choose a place to host the future massage parlor. Therapeutic massage rooms can be located in almost any area of ​​the city, including in residential areas, where the cost of premises and rent is low.
But the beauty massage parlor is better placed in the elite part of the city, given the presence of a car park.
Massage parlors for stress relief are best placed in fitness centers and water parks, where massage can be combined with physical activity and a sauna.

Of course, when choosing a room for a massage parlor, you need to take into account competition, for which it is recommended to conduct a preliminary marketing study.

The cost of opening a massage parlor

As for the costs of opening a massage parlor, they should be divided into initial costs and ongoing costs.

Initial costs include:

— for the repair and equipment of the premises, the purchase of furniture and equipment, the registration of the enterprise and obtaining permits.

In this sense, the business idea of ​​a massage parlor is quite democratic. The cost of equipment and furniture is low, since only massage tables and relaxation beds are required. It is somewhat more difficult with the equipment of the room, since it is necessary to comply with the requirements of the sanitary authorities and lay out the walls and floor of the massage room with tiles, as well as ensure the mandatory availability of a bathroom.
In principle, the initial costs of opening a small massage parlor can be limited to 500-800 thousand dollars.
In order to calculate the payback of the massage parlor opening project, you can follow this link:

Current costs will consist of:

— staff salaries, which will make up the bulk of the costs, since massage therapists must be highly qualified for the success of the business.

In addition, it will be necessary to pay utilities and rent, taxes.

You can read more about the massage parlor business plan in the article: “ Massage parlor business plan “.

In general, the business of opening a massage parlor is one of the most profitable types of business. However, in order to quickly turn on profitability, it is highly advisable to act on a clear business plan, which you can order on our website. This will help you avoid mistakes and make your business profitable in a short time.

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