Brewery business idea

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The popularity of beer alone suggests that a brewery business idea can be very successful. And this is true, if you remember the success story of well-known beer brands.

However, the time of uncontrolled sale of beer is long gone. The current laws have significantly reduced the possibility of free sale of products, so when creating your own brewery as a business, you need to be guided by common sense and the results of market research.
Indeed, before opening a brewery, you must first carefully study the market.

The most important thing in this type of business is to ensure the sale of the drink.

After all, beer brewed according to traditional technology is a perishable product, it must be sold in time, otherwise it will have to be written off as a loss. Therefore, it is important to determine in advance the points of sale of finished products.

The ideal option is to create an integrated business in the form of a brewery and a beer bar or pub.

In this case, the manufacturer himself sells his products and does not depend on contractors. But, of course, this option significantly increases the initial cost of creating a business.

Opening your own brewery is also attractive because beer production technologies have long been developed and you can easily buy sets of equipment for beer production in any quantity on the market. For a private brewery, especially one that focuses on its own sales of goods, a capacity of 500-1000 liters per day is enough. The cost of a complete set of equipment for such a brewery ranges from 200 to 700 thousand dollars.

However, we must not forget that the production of beer is under the control of supervisory authorities, so in order to open a brewery, it will be necessary to prepare the premises so that it meets sanitary and fire requirements. This entails additional costs and time for obtaining permits. It is also necessary to take into account the need to purchase raw materials for the production of beer and the availability of qualified personnel. And already in the production process, containers and vehicles will be required to deliver beer to consumers, or equipment for bottling when choosing a variant of their own implementation.

All this suggests that investments in the creation of the beer business are quite large. However, with skillful planning, the cost of creating a brewery pays off within 1.5-2 years, and then the enterprise becomes truly profitable.