Business Idea: Advertising

Business ideas by directions

The idea of ​​making money on advertising lies on the surface. In the advertising business, revenues reach billions of dollars, and the development of this type of business is very fast.
Advertising helps to sell, investing money in advertising pays off very quickly by increasing sales. However, the most profitable areas of the advertising business have long been divided among major players.

Is it possible to implement an advertising business idea within a small business?

Of course available. After all, large advertising agencies are focusing their efforts on the mass media, on large channels of information transmission. Therefore, niches of targeted, personal advertising often remain unoccupied.

There are a lot of advertising ideas that can be used without investing solid funds. You need to immediately define your limits. Don’t compete with big advertising agencies. Perhaps someday this time will come, but for now it is better to direct efforts in other directions.

What should you look for at the beginning of the path of the advertising business?

First of all, new channels for delivering information to the consumer. That is, it is necessary to focus the search for new information carriers. This is what will help you occupy a new niche and earn money where no one has ever made money.

An example of such new advertising business ideas is advertising on benches in popular urban areas. The production of benches and advertising modules does not require that much money, but the income from them will soon pay off these costs. True, it is still necessary to obtain the approval of the administration for the installation of such benches.

Electronic advertising is becoming more and more popular. Commercials, played on large and small screens, bring good income.

Experience shows that the cost of purchasing screens pays off in less than six months.
However, in the implementation of this business idea, the most important thing is to place screens in high-traffic areas. And for this you need to negotiate with the owners of the premises.
However, this business idea is just designed for small businesses and entrepreneurship, as for its implementation you need to be mobile, resourceful and creative person.

Advertisements can be placed in hundreds of places where people will definitely see them:

  • at public transport stops;
  • near the entrances;
  • in street stalls;
  • in shop windows;
  • on individual billboards and stylish billboards
  • on cars and fences.

One of the new advertising business ideas is the placement of advertisements in the form of QR codes. This type of advertising is for young people who are just interested in reading a QR code using a mobile phone to understand what it means.

Of course, in order to implement an advertising business idea, it is necessary to first conduct a marketing research on advertising in order to determine in advance competitors and the speed of return on investment of the idea. Your success depends on it, because competitors can quickly adopt the idea and, having invested heavily, force you out of a profitable niche.

Therefore, in the advertising business, you need to be in constant search and creative process, which, in itself, is extremely interesting.