Business idea: apartment renovation

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Apartment renovation as an initial independent business is one of the most sought-after and implemented business ideas. For its implementation, not so much is needed: skillful hands and a minimal set of tools that every craftsman already has.

What is a good business idea — apartment renovation?

Apartment renovation is always in demand, and good masters are in special demand, and their work is usually planned in advance for a long time. True, for this you must first develop a reputation, ensuring the quality of the repair.
What is good about the apartment renovation business is that the cost of materials is usually borne by the customer, that is, the current costs of the contractor are reduced to almost zero.
The scheme for performing work on the repair of apartments is simple: the contractor draws up an estimate for materials and work to be done, agrees with the customer, receives an advance for the purchase of materials, purchases them and reports to the customer. As the work is completed, or after they are completed, he receives a calculation.

What does it take to start an apartment renovation business?

1) To build a solid apartment renovation business, you need to be quite a professional.

At the very least, you need to correctly draw up a preliminary estimate so that there is not a big discrepancy between the initial cost planning and the final amount. As a rule, this is what serves as a stumbling block between the customer and the contractor. It’s not about the total cost, it’s about the difference. If this difference is large, the customer feels deceived, and this greatly affects the reputation of the performer.

2) As a rule, an apartment renovation business is started alone, performing those jobs that they know how to do well.

For example, they start with repairing ceilings, or leveling walls, or wallpapering. Then, gradually, other works are added to the portfolio of orders.

3) In the end, they move on to a comprehensive apartment renovation, taking on all types of work and performing repairs, as they say, on a turnkey basis.

To do this, it is absolutely not necessary to be a universal professional, it is enough to involve other specialists as subcontractors at different stages, for example, plumbers or electricians.

4) In the end, as a rule, such a business takes on a brigade form, when the brigade includes professionals from different construction specialties, which allows you to perform various works in parallel, reducing repair time, while improving its quality.
In addition, this form allows you to perform work on several objects at the same time: while some specialists are doing their work, others do not waste time, but work on another object.

Profitability of the apartment renovation business

This allows you to build an effective and profitable business in the renovation of apartments, if the entrepreneur knows how to properly plan the implementation and tightly control their quality.

Such a business is constantly growing, moving to other scales and volumes of work: to repair in turnkey new buildings, to repair offices and industrial premises, in cottages.
In a few years, a successful entrepreneur may think about starting his own construction company.
And you can start with the simplest work, having only those tools that were used during repairs in your apartment.