Canteen business idea

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The dining room business idea occupies an intermediate place between a cafe and fast food . At first glance, it seems like an outdated form of catering.

But in fact, opening a canteen may turn out to be a more profitable business than all the others.

Indeed, people need somewhere to dine. At the same time, a cafe is not always a suitable place for this purpose, since time is running out, and it’s too expensive for daily meals. And fast food usually offers a not too rich selection of dishes, often without the first one.

The dining room is designed just to feed a full meal, and inexpensively. The low cost of meals in the canteen is formed, first of all, due to simple recipes, large volumes of preparation, a limited assortment and a low margin.

From the point of view of economic efficiency, the canteen also wins in comparison with other enterprises.

The cafeteria is usually only open for a few hours. That is, there is no need to maintain additional staff for two or three shifts. At the same time, dining rooms in the evening are often used as banquet halls, which brings a good profit.

The target customer groups of the canteen are employees of nearby offices and students of educational institutions.

Therefore, the choice of the location of the dining room largely depends on the availability of potential customers. For the right choice of premises, you need to conduct a marketing research and choose the most optimal option.
Unlike fast food establishments, a canteen does not have to be located directly at the intersection of traffic flows, since usually the same people use the services of canteens.
The ideal option is to place the dining room directly in a large office building or educational institution. When preparing the opening of the canteen, it must be remembered that public catering establishments receive increased attention from the authorized bodies, so it is better to try to fulfill all the requirements of sanitary and fire regulations in advance in order to obtain permission to operate the canteen. Naturally, it will be necessary to ensure the passage of medical examinations and the receipt of medical books by employees.

The initial costs of implementing a dining room business idea will consist of the cost of repairing and equipping the premises, purchasing the necessary kitchen equipment, furniture, utensils, and so on. Certain costs will also have to be incurred when registering an enterprise and obtaining permits. The initial costs also include an advertising campaign, through which the first customers will be attracted.
Experience shows that the initial cost of opening a canteen is usually between 2,000 and 4,000 dollars.
The operating expenses of the canteen will consist of staff salaries, groceries, transportation, rent, and utility bills.

The profitability of a canteen depends on many factors, but usually the payback period for the initial costs is no more than two years, usually from a year to a year and a half. However, a quick profitability is possible only if you have a good business plan and its exact implementation.

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