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Despite the fact that computers are in almost every family today, the need for computer education is growing every year. Of course, in recent years, a serious business cannot be built on teaching basic knowledge of working on a computer.

However, more and more people want to study specialized programs, as the demand for skilled workers increases in the labor market. Therefore, the business idea of ​​computer courses is becoming increasingly attractive.

The opportunity to open computer courses for a novice entrepreneur is also real because the investment in this project is not as high as in many other types of business.

However, the success of the enterprise will depend on competent management and a good business plan. First of all, it is necessary to conduct a marketing research to make sure that there is a demand and that there is no strong competition. To do this, you need to study the services offered by educational institutions, trainings and courses. It is often effective to contact the local employment center to obtain information about the demand for specialties that require computer literacy. Based on the data obtained, it will be possible to choose a niche for yourself, from which the formation of computer courses will begin.
This may be, for example, training in the use of electronic document management systems, web design, work in electronic trading systems, and work with various application programs.
There is a high demand for training in accounting programs, such as 1C. You can open computer courses for children, teaching them the basics of computer graphics, design and office programs. Signing an agreement with local authorities for teaching computer literacy to pensioners can be very beneficial.
And if qualified teachers are available, courses in programming and computer security can be opened.
From the point of view of organizing a business, it will be necessary to act according to a rigid business plan from the very beginning, since the costs of opening computer courses must be clearly planned in time, otherwise you can quickly go bankrupt before the company becomes profitable. Please note that it will take some time to register courses and obtain training licenses, if necessary. For example, to organize 1C training, you must first obtain a license. Therefore, you should not immediately spend money on advertising until everything else is ready.

To conduct classes, you will need a room, which at first can be rented from an educational institution, having coordinated the class schedule. This will help solve many issues, including the problem of equipment protection.
To organize computer courses, you will need about a dozen computers connected to a network, as well as an Internet connection.
The initial costs of organizing computer courses depend on the number of students and the topics of the courses. In addition to equipment, you will need to purchase licensed software, prepare and print study guides and workbooks. In general, the initial investment in this project can be estimated from 500 thousand to one and a half thousand dollars, depending on the availability and equipment of the premises.

Operating costs will mainly consist of rent, staff salaries, taxes, expenses for the preparation of manuals and the repair of computer equipment.

The profitability of the project is highly dependent on the number of students and can range from 10 to 30 percent. However, the main role in the successful development of the courses will still be played by economic planning and skillful management.

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