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The surplus of cars, the difficulty of parking inside residential areas, and security problems annually increase the interest of motorists in acquiring their own garage. A garage for a car owner is not only a storage place, but also, often, a second home, a workshop, a vegetable store. Surveys show that most motorists would like to have their own garage located close to home. The demand for such garages exceeds the supply, so the business idea of ​​building garages for sale remains not only relevant, but also promising for the coming years.
The main problem in this type of business is the difficulty of obtaining land for construction.
Most motorists would like to have a garage at a distance not exceeding 1-2 kilometers. If you walk to the garage for more than 20 minutes, then there is not much point in acquiring such a garage. However, the space inside residential microdistricts is usually allocated for landscaping or is planned for further compaction of residential buildings. City authorities are extremely reluctant to allocate land for the construction of capital garages. In this sense, it is much easier to obtain land for the installation of a paid parking lot , since it can be dismantled at any time and given this site for other purposes.

In principle, under the conditions of temporary use, it is possible to obtain land for the construction of garages, but then the garage owners bear the increased risks, since the safety of the garages in the future is not guaranteed. It is easier to get a building plot on the outskirts of microdistricts, near railways, in inconvenient places near ravines, and so on. However, these difficulties do not reduce interest in this type of business.
The profitability of projects for the construction of garages for sale, as a rule, exceeds 50%.
Ready-made garages are willingly bought up at a price twice the cost of construction. Such high profitability forces construction companies to make efforts to obtain a building permit to build another row of garage blocks. The cost of a capital garage within the city limits ranges from 150 to 500 thousand dollars. A parking space in underground or capital multi-level garages is much more expensive. However, the construction of such facilities are large business projects that are beyond the power of small construction firms.
The most popular garage boxes are standard boxes, brick or concrete, ranging from 20 to 36 square meters.
The construction of garages, from the technical side, is not a very difficult task, and even small construction companies can do it. When choosing a plot of land, in addition to proximity to residential buildings, it is necessary to be guided by the possibility of building convenient access roads, as well as the depth of groundwater. Most car owners are interested in a garage equipped with a viewing hole, so groundwater should be deeper than 1.8-2 meters. Since brick or concrete is usually used in the construction of garages, a strip foundation is usually used for them, and the roof is covered with concrete blocks. When planning construction, it is necessary to prepare the site in advance, providing for a large slope for water flow. In the construction of garages, concrete mixers and cranes are commonly used to lift concrete blocks and building materials. The rest of the work in principle, can be carried out with hand tools and in a fairly short time. Larger projects in the construction of multi-storey garages inside residential areas are possible only subject to an agreement with the city administration, which is interested in unloading the streets from cars placed everywhere. It is even possible to obtain co-financing or financial guarantees from the city budget and simplify the procedure for obtaining a permit.
In any case, the payback for the construction of garages, as a rule, is achieved within one year from the start of work on the implementation of a business project.
However, the achievement of high profitability, a quick payback of the project is possible only if a business plan is used and economic calculations are carried out at each stage of implementation.

A business plan for specific conditions for the construction of garages, including the necessary calculations, can be obtained by leaving a request on this site.