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There are more and more cars in every city. A car is no longer a luxury, but an integral part of life.

The first steps towards opening a car wash are described in the article » Start a Business: Car Wash «. You can find out how to conduct market research before opening a car wash in the article » market research: opening a car wash «. In this article, we will talk about how to write a car wash business plan.

Relevance of a car wash business plan

Every motorist wants his car to look decent. Washing your car once a month is a healthy habit, like personal hygiene every morning.

Therefore, the number of car washes is increasing every year and the growth of this business will continue.
On average, there is one car wash per 1,000 cars.
The number of cars is increasing – the number of car washes is growing proportionally.

What equipment should be included in a car wash business plan?

To open a sink for one box, you must purchase the following equipment:

1) high-pressure apparatus, fine water filter, foam nozzle for contactless washing;

2) water vacuum cleaner, auto nozzle;

3) water purification system, pressure boosting module;

The purchase of a set of equipment for a single-station car wash will cost at least $190,000, and for a two-station car wash, at least $330,000.

Choosing a place for organizing a car wash

To implement the project, first of all, it is necessary to determine the location of the car wash. 90% of success depends on the right choice of place. Ideally, the car wash should be located close to a street or highway with a lot of traffic. The proximity of a gas station is also desirable.

In accordance with the norms of SES, a car wash cannot be located closer than 50 m from residential premises.

After choosing a place, the premises must be renovated and brought into line with the numerous standards imposed by the supervisory authorities.

Pitfalls and project risks

The main «pitfall» is obtaining permits to engage in this type of activity. Before launch, the project is being coordinated by the SES, labor protection services, nature, fire inspection, architecture, and state expertise.

That is why sinks prefer to purchase rather than create new ones. The procedure for coordinating with the supervisory authorities is quite laborious, but with a certain amount of perseverance, it is quite real.

The cost of obtaining permits must be provided for in the business plan of the car wash.

Benefits of a car wash project

To organize a car wash, you do not need to have any special knowledge. Picking up a place and premises, going through the approval procedures with supervisory authorities, purchasing equipment — all this is quite feasible. The main thing is to think carefully and plan everything in advance.

And then you need to recruit a team of washers and get money!

Car Wash Business Plan Summary

The initial investment for organizing a one- or two-station car wash will amount to 1-2 million dollars.

These include:

— cost of equipment,

— installation of equipment,

— renovation of premises

— landscaping,

— registration of permits.
In the case of a good location and a good flow of customers, the payback of the project will be no more than 12 months.
If the place is not chosen very well, the payback period can increase up to several years.

Despite the many difficulties of the organization, a car wash can be attributed to a low-cost and highly profitable business.

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