Driving school business plan

Business plan

Thinking through the business plan of a driving school, you should be careful and careful. Since today obtaining a license to conduct such activities has become more complicated at times.

What do you have to choose, decide and do? Consider the main points that need to be considered when preparing a business plan for a driving school point by point.

Where will your driving school be?

The first thing you should do is contact the Ministry of Education, because. this department is responsible for issuing permits for such a business.

From the document you can find out all the requirements that apply to educational premises, the educational and technical side of things.
This point can be considered the most difficult. Since obtaining a permit is a long process, which will take you from 3 to 12 months.
You will need to visit the sanitary and epidemiological station and the fire inspection in advance. On average, you will have to pay about $25,000 for approvals from these bodies.

When drawing up a business plan for a driving school, think about how many students you are ready to accept in the early stages. The usual set is 15-25 people.
The size of the room for your school should be selected taking into account the fact that there will be at least 5m2 of space per student.
If you want to save money, contact a university or institute. The prices for renting space here are low, in addition, you do not have to buy furniture.

The cost of renting an office is about $25,000 per month (about 50-60 square meters).

Remember that representatives of the authorities will be present at the traffic police exam. They will pay attention to the size of the room and the number of students. Therefore, do not try to save money and break the rules.

The following point deserves special attention — the license from the Ministry of Education will have the address of your driving school, and the validity of the permit is 5 years.

Driving school business plan: what will you spend money on?

When compiling a business plan for a driving school, it is worth paying maximum attention to financial issues.

1) You can also find out the list of required equipment and furniture thanks to the Ministry of Education.

2) If you want to save money, buy an old car and take it apart for parts. Visual aids are also needed in the office, their price is about $10,000.

3) As part of any driving school there is an administrator, teachers in practice and theory. One administrator and one teacher will be enough for you (for a group of 25 people). But in this case, at least three experienced drivers should teach driving. Salaries of employees depend on the region of residence. Naturally, instructors in a metropolis receive an order of magnitude more than in a provincial town.

4) Decide on the question of whose cars will be used for training — are you ready to purchase transport or hire drivers in your own car. In any case, you pay for gasoline.

5) An instructor who gives practice lessons in his own car receives approximately $8,000 per student. If by car of a driving school, then 4,000 dollars for each cadet. Gasoline is paid separately from the driving school budget.

6) Arrange with the circuit about the practice sessions for your students. Usually, for an hour of driving, it is proposed to pay about 250-350 dollars for each novice driver.

Driving school business plan: when will your business plan pay off?

In this matter, everything depends on your work and, for the most part, on competent advertising. Do not skimp on advertising campaigns and promotions. Spend at least 15-20 thousand dollars on them monthly. You can read about how to attract customers to your driving school in the following article .

Experts assure that a driving school generates income even if it is not possible to recruit full classes of students. The time for your costs to pay off in full will be about 1.5-2 years.

More details about the business idea of ​​​​opening a driving school can be found in the article “ driving school as a business ”.