Bar business plan

Business plan

The typical purpose of a bar is to serve residents of the surrounding area with a certain level of income and provide them with recreational opportunities.

At the same time, activities should be aimed at providing services in the field of catering and leisure. The project can be implemented without creating a legal entity (to register an individual entrepreneur), to simplify obtaining permits and maintaining accounting and tax records. You can read about how to register an IP here.

Bar business plan: where to start?

The bar business plan should be based on a thorough analysis of existing similar establishments in the area where such a project is planned to be implemented (more on this in the article on market research ).

If the competition is high enough, then the project should have some competitive advantages. These benefits include:

  • The absence of an establishment for a certain segment of consumers (for example, the provision of services for people with an income slightly above average) — this advantage can be realized through the sale of more expensive alcoholic beverages or the presence of exclusive and elite brands;
  • A higher level of service and maintenance — which can be realized through more professional staff (for example, the services of a virtuoso bartender, attractive waiters), fashionable design of the room, interesting additional entertainment (for example, slot machines, darts, billiards, and so on) and any other advantages that distinguish your project from others
  • Advertising on the streets and on the Internet resources. An excellent help will be your own website, page and group on social networks that can tell potential customers about the bar.
Bar business plan: the main costs of the project

Among the main costs for the implementation of a bar business project, the following can be noted:

  • Registration of entrepreneurial activity — the cost depends on the type of entrepreneurial activity (legal entity or individual — about 4500 rubles)
  • Payments for renting the premises — the price depends on the area, location, quadrature. owner (around 50,000 rubles)
  • Repair of the premises — the cost depends on the quality and individual preferences (about 250,000 rubles)
  • Purchase of equipment — as an option, you can rent it (about 600,000 rubles per month)
  • Purchase of furniture — 500,000 rubles.
  • Purchase of alcoholic, low-alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks (tobacco products) — 200,000 rubles.
  • Acquisition of household appliances (music center or machine, TV, possibly karaoke) — 200,000
  • Purchase of additional equipment (for example, American billiards or darts) 350,000 — 1,000,000 rubles.
  • Salary to employees — 30,000 — 50,000 rubles.

Total: 2-2.5 million dollars depending on the specifics and scale of the project
All the above costs may vary depending on many factors. Among the main ones to be noted are:

  • bar location,
  • its area
  • institution level (which directly depends on the target group of customers).
Bar Business Plan: Project Risks

Among the main risks of the project are:

  • A superficial analysis of the sales market, an analysis of the target group of consumers (lack of a customer flow necessary for a payback business plan);
  • Wrongly chosen location of the bar;
  • Creation of a negative reputation (errors can be different: low-quality alcohol, rudeness and unprofessionalism of the attendants, and so on)
Bar business plan: the main stages of the project

For the practical implementation of the bar business plan, the following steps must be taken:

  • Choice of premises;
  • Analysis of the location of the premises in order to find the target group of consumers and its possible volume;
  • Drawing up a lease agreement;
  • Registration of permits;
  • Carrying out repairs;
  • Purchase and connection of technological equipment and household appliances;
  • Purchase of furniture;
  • Purchase of drinks and additional products

Starting from the third step, it is necessary to carry out active visual advertising to achieve recognition of the institution. Placement of pointers, messages about opening dates and so on.

Conducting active Internet advertising, website creation and promotion.

You can read about the business idea of ​​\u200b\u200bopening a bar in the following article .