Children’s store business plan

Business plan

Goods for children are in great demand. After all, a child is always striving to buy high-quality clothes and shoes, toys for development and related products.

Most often, children’s products and accessories are sold in various specialty stores and supermarkets. Therefore, the organization of a universal outlet with a large assortment is a fairly profitable and promising activity.

A well-written business plan for a children’s store and good preparation will help to establish this type of activity.

Children’s Store Business Plan: The Benefits of Opening

Recently, a gradual increase in the birth rate has been observed in the country, which means that the number of consumers will increase. Opening a children’s department store has a number of advantages:

  • stable demand for products for children,
  • convenience for customers (all products can be purchased at one point),
  • competitiveness (small stores have a narrow specialization),
  • job creation.

Consider the main stages of opening a children’s store, which will sell clothes and shoes, toys, goods for newborns and related household items. The outlet is aimed at the middle class of consumers.

Baby Store Business Plan: Key Points to Learn
  • market analysis,
  • supplier search,
  • definition of marketing and advertising methods,
  • assessment of the resources needed to open,
  • indicative budget for the first period of work.

Enterprise planning must begin with a business plan for a children’s store and carefully consider the structural diagram.

  1. Room selection. Marketers advise opening a retail outlet in places where fewer such services are provided and there are no potential competitors. It is advisable to place a department store in residential areas, near children’s institutions. The premises must fully comply with the image of the company and the needs of the store. To prepare retail space, you can invite a professional designer who will embody the idea of ​​​​creating a children’s store and decorate the interior. It is better to order repairs from professional builders.
  2. Equipment. For the operation of the outlet, it is necessary to purchase the following equipment:
  • clothes racks,
  • shoe racks,
  • toy racks,
  • showcases for goods,
  • table, chairs,
  • cash machine,
  • office equipment (computer, printer).

You can add accessories, but all items must harmoniously fit into the overall interior of the room.

  1. Staff. To serve customers, employees should be hired:
  • sales consultant,
  • manager,
  • cashier accountant.

Well suited for the position of sociable employees with a pleasant appearance. Employees working in a children’s store must have a sanitary book.

  1. Supplier search. To provide goods, it is necessary to conclude agreements with suppliers and manufacturers. The best option would be the delivery of goods for sale. Products must be accompanied by certificates of quality and hygiene.

To develop marketing promotion of goods on the market and advertising, it is better to find professional specialists. Also, marketers will help identify and neutralize risks, and a detailed business plan for a children’s store and the structure of the organization will affect the increase in potential consumers.

Children’s Store Business Plan: Costs for Starting a Business

Let’s give an example of the costs of opening and maintaining a retail outlet (on a yearly basis):

  • rent of premises (250,000 rubles),
  • equipment (100,000 rubles),
  • purchase of goods (250,000 rubles),
  • means of circulation (250,000 rubles),
  • salaries to employees (500,000 rubles),

So, the initial starting amount will be — from 1,350,000 rubles.

Estimated income from the sale of goods — 200,000 rubles. per month.

Project payback

The enterprise is quite profitable, but there are many reasons that affect profitability. On average, with a good organization, it is possible to recoup the costs in 6-8 months.

The above business plan for a children’s store is an example of the factors that you need to pay attention to when opening a retail outlet.