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A business plan for a bank is a complex and lengthy document. When analyzing a borrower, the bank always analyzes a set of coefficients, the calculation algorithm of which most customers do not know.
In a business plan, a bank usually wants to see answers to two main questions:

  1. Why does the borrower need a loan and how will the loan money be used?
  2. What is the reason for the confidence that the borrower is able to make payments on the loan on time in accordance with the repayment schedule?

But in order to find answers to these two questions, a whole range of complex borrower assessment procedures are carried out inside any bank. These procedures involve at least 4 divisions of the bank, which use various calculation methods, including the calculation of financial analysis coefficients.

And in order to be guaranteed to get the approval of the bank, it is necessary to understand all these internal processes and procedures by which a decision is made in favor of a potential borrower. The business plan should take into account the logic followed by bank employees when making a decision.

Each bank has its own requirements for drawing up a business plan for obtaining financing. Our team is familiar with the requirements of most of the largest banks for processing documents for obtaining a loan in:

  • Sberbank;
  • Rosselkhozbank;
  • Vnesheconombank;
  • VTB Bank;
  • Rosagroleasing

By entrusting us with the development of your business plan for the bank, you:

  1. you can not worry about the compliance of the business plan with formal requirements — we are familiar with them in detail;
  2. receive a document containing:
  • detailed analysis of the market — the general situation, buyers, prices, competitors, sales volumes;
  • reasonable parameters of the profitable part of the business plan;
  • all business expenses;
  • cash flow calculation (from operating, financial and investment activities);
  • detailed calculations of the need for credit funds;
  • a plan for obtaining and repaying a loan;
  • indicators of credit and investment attractiveness of the project, namely: NPV, IRR, ROI (return on investment ratio)
  • payback period, break-even point, loan repayment period, loan repayment dynamics, quantitative level of project risks, etc.

As a gift, our employees will help you work out a scheme for protecting a business plan in a bank.


DURATION OF WORK: at least 10 working days.

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