Business plan for an investor

Write a business plan

A business plan for an investor is a document on the basis of which he makes a decision on financing your project.

In order for the business plan to interest your investor, you need to make this document at the same time:

  1. Informative — include all the information necessary for the investor;
  2. Briefly, to exclude the information that will be redundant for the investor;
  3. Attractive — the information in the business plan should be presented clearly, structured

In order to achieve the CONTENT of your business plan, we include in the document only those sections and information that will be of most interest to a potential investor:

  1. Summary — a brief overview of the key provisions of your project;
  2. Position in the company — the current situation in the company;
  3. The essence of the investment project — what it is, how the decision to implement it is justified;
  4. Market analysis — industries, consumers, competitors;
  5. Marketing plan — a plan for promoting products (goods) and services;
  6. Production plan — organization of the production process, logistics;
  7. Operational plan — a step-by-step plan for the implementation of the project;
  8. Financial plan — key financial indicators (including calculation of income and expenses, project cash flow, project performance indicators);
  9. Project team — brief information about those people who manage projects, their strengths and competencies;
  10. Applications

BRIEFLY is necessary for your business plan in order for the potential investor to maximize the benefits of financing the project with a minimum investment of time. This is achieved through:

Including only necessary information in the document, for example:

  • Your project involves the sale of fresh milk in Moscow and the Moscow region, and it makes little sense to analyze the global trends in the sale of milk powder. Your business plan will focus on exactly what is crucial for the successful implementation of the project — potential customers and existing competitors in the region;
  • You intend to sell complex engineering products. In order to familiarize the investor with the product line, you can make a description of the product on 2 pages in small print, or you can attach a visual photo and give a brief comment.

A brief but focused on the essence of the project, the document always looks better than a tome, which is difficult to find key information.

ATTRACTIVENESS of a business plan is the overall impression of the document. Visualization of information in the form of graphs, structuring information in the form of tables, external design and the beauty of internal design — all this is of great importance in the modern world of investments.

Your business plan for an investor, developed by our company, will:

  • Informative ;
  • concise;
  • Attractive

Your business plan will also:

  1. easy to read, analyze, evaluate the presented conclusions;
  2. focus on the benefits of the project and answer the main questions: what do you want to achieve? how will you do it? What resources will be used to implement the project?
  3. answer questions that concern the investor: how much money can be earned, when is it possible and how can the money invested in the project be returned?


DURATION OF WORK: at least 10 working days.

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