Business plan for a new project

Write a business plan

When opening a business or starting a new project, it is necessary to understand what kind of return in the form of financial resources will follow from it. At the start, it is also important:

  1. Clearly calculate the need for project financing. “Underfunding” is one of the most common causes of project failure;
  2. Assess the prospects for generating income from the project. Only a specialist who has a broad base and statistics on already implemented projects can soberly and balancedly predict the future income of a project;
  3. Estimate the cash flow that the new project will generate

All these calculations can be done independently. But in this case, the risk of error is great. In 90% of cases of independent planning, the overestimation of the profitable part of the project and the payback period occurs more than twice. Expenses, on the contrary, tend to be underestimated.

If you entrust the preparation of a business plan or a financial calculation model to specialists, you will be able to reliably evaluate:

  1. state and prospects of the market;
  2. the revenue side of the project;
  3. the amount of necessary investments and financing of the project;
  4. the expenditure part of the project, including the choice of the optimal taxation system;
  5. project payback period

Your business development plan developed by us will contain:

  1. Forecast of demand for project products
  2. Analysis of methods of competition (price, non-price competition)
  3. Marketing plan for the company
  4. Analysis of suppliers and their prices for raw materials, materials and equipment
  5. Calculation of the need for investments in fixed and working capital
  6. Project Launch Schedule
  7. Calculation of the amount of tax payments and depreciation deductions
  8. A financial plan that includes a profit and loss statement, a cash flow statement and a projected balance sheet.
  9. Determination of the break-even point
  10. Calculation of investment project performance indicators
When developing your business plan, we focus on solving the following tasks:

Analysis of ways to increase sales:

  • Analyzing the work of competitors, searching for their strengths and weaknesses, developing, taking into account this information, your strategy for conquering the market;
  • Methods of attracting clients;
  • Ways to retain customers;

Calculation of the amounts of investments in fixed and current assets:

  • Required volume and schedule of investments in preparatory work, construction and installation works, purchase of transport, etc.
  • The volume of working capital and funds required to cover the operating cash deficit in the initial period of the enterprise

Financial and investment analysis:

  • Structure of income and expenses
  • Definition of cash flows
  • Determination of the investment attractiveness of the project, based on the assessment of performance indicators
  • Determining the break-even point and project risks
  • Project sustainability (influence of various factors on the project result)

Preparation of an organizational business development plan:

  • The most complete answers to these questions help eliminate uncertainty and make the right decision about starting a new business and developing a business.


DURATION OF WORK: at least 10 working days.
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