Business plan for receiving subsidies

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The state provides various forms of support to small and medium-sized businesses in the form of:

  1. subsidies for starting a business in an employment center — up to $58,800;
  2. grants for starting a business to start-up entrepreneurs — up to $ 300,000;
  3. grants for starting a business for social entrepreneurship — up to $ 600,000;
  4. assistance to novice farmers — up to $ 1,500,000

The biggest plus of all these forms of support is that the money is allocated by the state on an irrevocable basis. You don’t have to pay interest on using this money. This is real help for a start-up business, which you can get.

To receive all the above forms of support from the state, a business plan is required. The very procedure for the distribution of subsidies involves a competitive selection. There are usually several applicants for support. One of the most important and decisive factors that the competition committee pays attention to when distributing subsidies is the quality of the business plan.

Our specialists have extensive experience in defending projects to receive government subsidies. We ourselves have repeatedly been members of these commissions, and therefore we know exactly how the decision-making mechanism works when distributing grant support.

By ordering a business plan from us, you get:

  1. a document that exactly meets all the requirements of the competitive selection;
  2. calculations that take into account the main points that the members of the competition committee focus on when defending and evaluating your project
  3. a real advantage over other applicants for state support who do not know all the intricacies of the commission’s work.

By developing a business plan for you, we explain the content and methodology of calculations, prepare you for a confident defense before the commission. You have a real advantage over other applicants for subsidies.


DURATION OF WORK: at least 10 working days.

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