Fast food business plan

Business plan

In our country, fast food is widespread, millions of citizens love it, there are several reasons for this: accessibility, the ability to have a bite to eat on the run, it is very tasty, usually street food outlets are located in convenient places.

Fast Food Business Plan: Key Pros

1) This type of business is the least demanding on start-up costs. At first, a rather modest amount is needed to open and develop it. So almost everyone can try their luck in this area.

2) Another plus in favor of fast food is that it does not require special qualifications of the staff — in a few days everyone will be able to learn how to cook food using proven technology.

3) As a result — a quick return on invested capital in case of success. To implement a business idea, a minimum of special equipment is required.

You can read more about the implementation of the fast food business idea here .

However, before opening a kiosk or pavilion, you need to make sure that the chosen place will be in demand among customers. To do this, you need to conduct marketing research .

The demand for such food is always high — everyone wants to eat, and eating quickly and tasty is doubly pleasant.

Therefore, in the field of catering there is always a niche that can be occupied, even though the competition in this market is very high.

What is the essence of such a business?

The key point is the choice of location. No wonder where there are a lot of people there are a lot of stalls with street food for every taste.

These places can be:

  • railway stations,
  • Metro stations,
  • areas near universities,
  • market squares, etc.

Naturally, no fast food business plan will help you without tasty and high-quality food. Success requires a well-designed and selected menu with tasty, nutritious and above all safe food.

The efficiency of receiving and fulfilling the order is also very important, the actions must be perfected to automatism, otherwise the customer, without waiting for the dish, may simply leave.

Fast food business plan: how much will such an undertaking cost?

It is impossible to accurately calculate the cost part and understand what amount is needed to start at this stage, it will vary depending on which room will be chosen and which menu is compiled.

But in general terms, the initial costs are as follows:

  • Repair and styling of the premises — 40 thousand rubles;
  • Marketing expenses (advertising, signs, banners, flyers) — 12 thousand rubles;
  • Purchase of furniture, inventory and fixtures, equipment — 80 thousand rubles;
  • Registration and documentation of the enterprise — 10 thousand rubles.

In addition to the initial investment, you will have to spend money monthly on:

  • Wages for employees — 70 thousand rubles / month;
  • Rent and maintenance of a kiosk — 60 thousand rubles / month;
  • Purchase of products and consumables (in case of reaching the required volumes) — 110 thousand rubles / month.

So, the implementation of the project will require from 150 thousand rubles. one-time investments.
In each case, these figures may vary, both up and down.

What should be taken into account during the implementation of the project?

The core of this business is:

  • quality and freshness of products,
  • tasty and designed for a wide range of visitors menu,
  • efficiency of work
  • and friendliness of the staff.

If all these aspects are satisfied, your business will work. After a few months, the costs will pay off and you will begin to make a profit.

Fast Food Business Plan: Key Risks

In fact, there are risks, of course:

  • poorly chosen menu or place,
  • too much competition
  • bad staff
  • and the worst thing — not fresh or not tasty food —

can forever bury the dreams of their own business.

All these aspects, when implementing a fast food business plan, need to be especially carefully monitored even at the start.

Key steps to a profitable business
  • Choose a place and a room;
  • Select staff;
  • Choose the type of cuisine and menu;
  • Carry out stylization of the premises and an advertising campaign;
  • Buy products.
  • Start making your dream come true!

Remember, in any business, the main thing is perseverance, faith in success and work and work again. Everything will work out for you!