Internet cafe business plan

Business plan

If you are on fire with the idea of ​​​​opening your own Internet cafe, then in order to implement it, you need to draw up a detailed business plan for an Internet cafe.

Even with the spread of Wi-fi access points, Internet clubs gather their own young audience of regular visitors.
The essence of this business is to provide the target audience with access to fast Internet and food with drinks.
By the way, mostly children and students are Internet cafe customers. You can read more about marketing research here .

The advantage of opening an Internet cafe is a constant clientele, which keeps this type of business afloat.

Internet Cafe Business Plan Costs

To open an Internet cafe , you need to determine how much you can generally count on.
On average, opening an Internet cafe will cost up to $ 2,000,000 in a big city, for example, in Moscow.
In a small town, respectively, much cheaper. First of all, the costs will go to:

  1. computer equipment — $ 800,000,
  2. staff salary -110,000 dollars,
  3. rent of premises -50 000 dollars.

It is imperative to ensure the legal side of opening an Internet cafe:

— You can entrust the registration of a business to a specialized company, for a fee and save your time.

— Or you can do the documentation yourself.

Also, in the business plan of an Internet cafe, one should take into account the costs of software and licensed computer games.

Choosing the location of the Internet cafe

In order for the Internet cafe opening project to become successful, the main thing to pay attention to is the choice of the location of the premises for the Internet club.

Many initiatives fail because the business owner chooses premises in a residential area of ​​​​the city with low traffic, because the rent is lower there. As a result, savings on rent turns into a lack of customers and low income, as well as the collapse of the business.

To choose the right place for an Internet cafe, you need to study your client, target audience and «mushroom places» (read more about this here ).

Payback of the Internet cafe project

Information about the payback of an Internet cafe business idea is quite contradictory:

On the one hand, we can conclude that a room equipped with computers in the amount of 10-20 pieces brings sufficient profit. But this is only if the location of the Internet cafe is chosen well.

If the choice of a place to rent a room for an Internet cafe turned out to be erroneous, then the business will not save anything:

  • nor a large spacious hall;
  • nor modern technology;
  • nor polite and pleasant staff.

Also in the business plan, it is necessary to take into account that the attendance of the Internet cafe will be mainly in the evening, and completely “zero” in the morning.

In the business plan of an Internet cafe, you can not forget about marketing and advertising

For the successful promotion of an Internet cafe, you need to think over a marketing plan:

  1. Definitely need a bright, memorable sign.
  2. Be sure to include in the advertising campaign all sorts of promotions and bonuses, contests and computer game tournaments, perhaps even with a small prize fund.
  3. If the city is small, then it will be enough to advertise once and forget about such expenses.

Indoors, in addition to elementary repairs, it is also recommended to focus on posters, interesting pictures to give the interior an originality.