Business plan for a private psychologist’s office

Business plan

Hi, I was recently approached with a request to publish an article on a business plan for creating a private psychologist’s office. To be honest, my ideas about a private psychologist’s office were formed in my youth as a result of watching American films. Since then, these views have not changed.

Nevertheless, I was very interested to understand what kind of business idea it was. Therefore, I decided to watch a few videos about how psychologists consult. Allow me to share your thoughts.

Why do you need a private psychologist?

First of all, you need to understand why a private psychologist is needed at all in order to figure out how you can build this business.

The answer here is quite obvious: if a person has a problem related to his mental state, and he cannot solve this problem on his own, he turns to a private psychologist.

It may be about the following problems:

  1. problems in the family in the relationship between spouses;
  2. problems in the family in relationships with children;
  3. problems at work related to motivation or relationships with colleagues;
  4. problems with self-motivation

There are probably thousands more problems that a psychologist can solve that I don’t know about, listed the first that came to mind.

Who will be the client in the office of a private psychologist?

So, what is important for a person to turn to a psychologist (client portrait):

  1. a person must have a problem in relationships with others or with himself;
  2. a person realizes that he cannot solve this problem on his own;
  3. a person has enough time and money to deal with this problem through a psychologist.

Both women and men can apply to a psychologist. Moreover, according to testimonies, men turn to a psychologist more and more often on their own. At the same time, clients are becoming younger: if earlier a typical client was a woman over forty, now younger people also turn to psychologists.

Psychologist services market

Even 10-15 years ago, a consultation with a psychologist was something abstract and incomprehensible, not related to real life, but in today’s Russian reality it is impossible to assert this. In the USA, for example, judging by numerous films, they go to a psychologist like for bread — all and just as often.

For a long time I could not understand what the catch was: why lawyers and psychologists in the West are becoming the most popular and highly paid profession, while in Russia (meaning 10-15 years ago) there were only a few people with such a profession . Lawyers, of course, were, they just earned less money.

But now the world around has begun to change: we are more and more isolated in our space (apartment, TV, Internet) and communicate less and less with living people. And there is a need for communication. It is this need for live communication that the psychologist satisfies — for money.

The demand for the services of a psychologist will grow every year. This can be seen even in the education system — how many psychologists have appeared in schools. Children from grades 1-2 learn to communicate with a psychologist, trust him and solve their problems with the help of a psychologist.
I won’t be surprised if in the near future, turning to a psychologist becomes the norm.

How is a consultation with a psychologist — services provided by a psychologist?

The frequency of meetings is discussed — how often it is necessary to meet to solve the client’s problem;

  • Urgent counseling — 1-2 meetings that will help solve acute problems (conflicts with children, accidents, shock);
  • Long-term counseling – several sessions are scheduled to address a complex problem (family counseling, burnout, lack of motivation…)

At the same time, the psychologist promises:

  • privacy;
  • Conducting a high-quality dialogue — as a result of which a solution to a problem matures or new opportunities open up for the client
Business plan for a private psychologist’s office

So, what is needed to create a private psychologist’s office is investment in the project. Actually not much:

  1. talent;
  2. relevant education;
  3. availability of a consultation room

The first and second — do not buy. This can only be earned through hard work. As for the office, meetings can be held at your own apartment or at the client’s apartment. If you have the talent and relevant education, you can start providing services with zero investment in the project.

Your earnings will depend solely on:

  1. How can you attract new customers?
  2. how high-quality (in terms of solving client problems) will be your consultations

The first will allow you to get a new clientele. And the second will allow you to make repeat sales, and in the future to attract customers through positive reviews and word of mouth.

Attracting clients by a private psychologist

In order to attract customers at the initial stage, you can:

  1. advertise in the newspaper;
  2. place ads on the Internet — on ad sites;
  3. advertise on air
  4. It will not be superfluous to create your own website or group in social networks

An interesting video about how a consultation with a private psychologist takes place (using the example of family relations between spouses):