Cafe business plan

Business plan

Almost every third entrepreneur plans to open his own cafe, since this business is one of the most interesting and profitable activities.

The wide prevalence of large and small cozy establishments is explained, first of all, by the appearance of a large number of offices, business centers, and the leasing of retail space.

Therefore, special attention is paid to the nutrition of office workers. When developing a detailed cafe business plan, it is important to consider this feature, as well as other significant factors.

Cafe business plan: project relevance

Currently, the business idea of ​​​​opening a cafe is of particular interest due to the opportunity to insure oneself during a crisis, provide a sense of stability, security and confidence in the future.

A well-thought-out business plan for a cafe will allow you to implement your business idea without mistakes and misses, and achieve a payback on the project as quickly as possible.

Cafe business plan: project cost

The cost of implementing a business plan largely depends on the specific situation.

To open a cafe, a fairly large investment of start-up capital is required:

  1. development of the project and design of the cafe — 50-100 thousand dollars;
  2. kitchen equipment — from 1,000 -1,500 thousand dollars;
  3. repair and decoration of the premises — 200-500 thousand dollars;
  4. purchase of furniture and interior items — 1000 — 1500 thousand dollars;
  5. rent of premises before the launch of the project — 100-200 thousand dollars;
  6. development of the cafe project — 0.14 million dollars,
  7. recruitment and training of personnel — 100 — 200 thousand dollars.

The total amount of investments at the start of a business, depending on the scale and location, can reach 3-4 million dollars.
One of the most significant cost items in organizing a cafe will be the purchase of a set of equipment, including dishwashers, refrigerators, coffee machines, cutting tables, etc.

Purchased crockery, cutlery, groceries, overalls for staff also require significant financial outlays.

An important place in the expense item is occupied by the automation of accounting for the sale of cafe food products.

Cafe business plan: what should you pay special attention to?

1) When organizing a cafe, special attention should be paid to choosing the right menu, taking into account the demand of the target audience. Considering classic, French, Italian and any other cuisine as the main option, one should take into account the demand and preferences of potential customers.

2) It is also very important to provide comfort to potential customers, because it is for the sake of a beautiful environment that most people visit cafes. You should carefully consider the purchase of furniture, which should have aesthetic appeal, comfort, durability and ease of maintenance.

3) Costs for the preparation of production areas are planned taking into account compliance with strict sanitary standards. The requirements of supervisory authorities are not always easy to meet.

Cafe business plan: the main risks of the project

The main commercial risks of the project include a high level of competition, since similar services are provided by a huge number of catering establishments. You can read about how best to position your cafe in the market in this article .

It is also necessary to pay special attention to the choice of premises and location of the cafe. The success of the entire project depends on 70% of the successful choice.

It is also important when opening to fulfill all the requirements of supervisory authorities: SES, Fire Inspection. Ideally, if the existing premises will initially satisfy them.

It is quite possible to successfully implement a cafe business plan if you choose the right location, initially think through all the details and nuances of the business.