Coffee shop business plan

Business plan

In recent years, coffee houses have become an integral part of the catering industry. Every day, millions of people visit these cozy establishments to please themselves with a cup of fragrant latte or espresso.

A few years ago, $15 for a cup of coffee was considered an extra expense, but today many people are happy to pay $30-50 for a cappuccino, latte or mocha.

The coffee shop is trendy!

The coffee business is booming these days. And over the past couple of decades, coffee sales have only grown.

Not a single network that sells a quality coffee product has ever failed, unlike companies specializing in other activities.

The main thing, before starting this business, is to correctly draw up a business plan for a coffee shop, calculate all the risks. If we take into account the fact that a large proportion of coffee houses belong, so to speak, to the middle class with a corresponding assortment of drinks, then we can say that in this business segment there is still room for roaming and something to strive for.

Coffee shop business plan: where to start?

So, a coffee shop is a small catering establishment that stands out with a peculiar assortment. In addition to traditional coffee drinks, a variety of confectionery products are also offered here.

Also, in some cases, a coffee shop can be organized in the format of fast food with the inclusion of several types of cold appetizers, salads and second courses in the menu.

Now let’s figure out what the business plan of a coffee shop consists of, and what you should pay attention to when opening this institution.

1) First of all, you need to decide on the room, its location.

The place must be crowded, preferably in the city center, or where many offices are concentrated.
It is also suitable to rent a room near the educational institution.
The main thing is that the room is located on the ground floor, and is equipped with ventilation and air conditioning systems.

2) Having decided on the premises, the next step is to draw up all the documentation.

First things first, we register the establishment with the tax authorities. You have to choose the form of ownership: LLC or IP. You also need to take care of acquiring all the necessary licenses and permits related to the sale of alcoholic products (if it is provided for in your assortment).

3) The next step is to decide on the assortment.

An extensive menu in this case is not worth compiling. Since visitors go to a coffee shop just to chat, or have a short business conversation over a cup of coffee. Competently to pick up assortment for your coffee house carrying out of marketing research will help .
Therefore, the main elements of the menu will be an extensive assortment of coffee, tea, soft drinks and pastries.
If you meet world standards, that classic coffee card includes americano, espresso, latte, cappuccino, mocha. Everything else is at your own discretion.

4) As for the equipment, it can be noted that very little is needed for a coffee shop.

You will need a cash register, a couple of showcase racks for confectionery, a coffee grinder, a coffee maker, a blender and a mixer.

5) From the staff you need a manager, waiters, cooks, bartenders, an accountant and a cleaner.

Coffee Shop Business Plan: Costs to Start a Business

Consider a sample business plan for a coffee shop from a financial point of view.

For a coffee shop for 20 seats, you will need a room with an area of ​​​​about 50 sq.m., for 50 seats — about 200 sq.m.

  • Repair of the premises and interior design in the chosen style will cost about 150 thousand rubles.
  • About 300 thousand rubles will have to be spent on the purchase of equipment.
  • Purchase of equipment for the kitchen — about 150 thousand rubles.
  • Organization of outdoor advertising, utility bills — about 30 thousand rubles.
  • Other advertising (media, leaflets, etc.) — about 10 thousand rubles.
  • Purchase of dishes — about 20 thousand rubles.
  • The salary fund can be about 60 thousand rubles. per month.

It is clear that this is a relative business plan for a coffee shop.
In the best case, such a coffee house can bring a profit of up to 500 thousand rubles. per month and pay off for a term of more than a year.

For a specific case in real life, a coffee shop business plan can vary significantly. It all depends on the capacity, location, range and other factors.