Massage parlor business plan

Business plan

When compiling a business plan for a massage parlor, you need to decide what types of massage you will offer clients and who will be your target audience. This moment is important because it is necessary to select a room and its location taking into account these factors.

Choosing a location for a massage parlor is an important point in a business plan.

A massage parlor can specialize in:

  1. Therapeutic massage;
  2. Relaxing massage;
  3. cosmetic massage

In the event that you want to open an institution offering therapeutic massage, the location does not matter. Since in this case, patients come to a good specialist from all over the city.

But beauty massage is now offered by many salons, so most people choose a salon close to home. An elite sleeping area will be the best solution.

When choosing a room, it is necessary to take into account that at least 8 squares of territory per 1 employee — this is the SES norm. If possible, each massage therapist should be given a separate room.
The average area is usually about 80-100 square meters. According to experts, the optimal number of jobs is 5.

Investment costs for opening a massage parlor

Your massage parlor business plan should include the costs of:

  1. Room renovation. It is imperative to provide a shower and toilet. According to the requirements of regulatory organizations, the walls of these rooms must be tiled.
  2. As for equipment, get ready to spend about 30-40 thousand for the purchase of massage tables, about 20 thousand for the purchase of couches and sunbeds.
  3. Furnishings such as sofas, shelving, and cabinets with tables and chairs cost about $25,000 to $30,000.
  4. The investment cost of organizing a massage parlor includes the cost of acquiring special tools. For example, aromatherapy, antiseptics, oils.
  5. In addition, it will be necessary to purchase overalls: bathrobes, towels, slippers, shoe covers and other necessary little things. In order to wash things, you will need an automatic washing machine.

When organizing a massage parlor, it is extremely important to calculate the payback of the project. In order to calculate the payback of a massage parlor, you can follow this link:

Massage parlor operating income and expenses

Even the most thoughtful massage parlor business plan will not turn into income if you cannot find and hire good massage therapists. When choosing masters, you should never save. You can hire specialists who will work in shifts. Or pay for the work of employees «on order», that is, call them to work only if there are orders. Massage therapists are usually paid as a percentage of the price of a session.
Traditionally, a specialist receives about 40-50 percent of the income.
The staff of the massage parlor must certainly have an accountant and an administrator. If you want to save money, you can initially do the work of these employees yourself.
A good massage therapist can serve up to 6-8 clients per day.
The profitability of this business is about 30 percent.

In addition to the initial costs, you need to consider the monthly costs for:

  • communal payments,
  • advertising,
  • employee salaries,
  • room rental,
  • Consumables.

And this is not less than 200 thousand dollars. One-time initial costs will be about 300 thousand. The average income of a massage parlor is about 350-400 thousand dollars. Given all these figures, you can calculate the approximate monthly profit.

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