Medical center business plan

Business plan

Medical services will always be in high demand among the population, because a person, most likely, will never stop getting sick.

Especially recently, most people pay special attention to their health and are more scrupulous about the state of their body and well-being.

Medical center business plan: what is the attractiveness of a business idea?

Opening a medical center is a great business idea , despite the fact that every year the number of private clinics and points increases significantly.

Each such center, with the right strategy and organization, is able to bring constant and stable profits to its owner.

Here it is not necessary to have a special medical education and possess a certain medical experience, the main thing in such a business is to correctly draw up a business plan for a medical center that will be optimal for the implementation of a specific idea.

If desired, any entrepreneur can open a medical institution, having some experience in building and running a business.

However, if there is no such practice, then in order to draw up a valid business plan for a medical center, it may be necessary to turn to professional consultants who can competently solve administrative issues and build a profitable strategy.

Medical Center Business Plan: Analysis of Medical Services

Starting work on a business plan for a medical center, you should first analyze in detail the current situation in the medical services market:

  • the needs of the population
  • money demand,
  • tendencies to change.

Particular attention should be paid to studying the market for paid services, because the income from the activities of a private clinic is based on these data.

Type of activity of the medical institution

After a detailed analysis, it is necessary to determine the type of activity of a medical institution:

  • specialized or multidisciplinary clinic,
  • diagnostic services or treatment-and-prophylactic base,
  • the presence of an emergency room, hospital, operating room.

Recently, the most popular are such directions as:

  • cosmetology,
  • dentistry,
  • urology,
  • gynecology.

Read about how to choose your direction in medicine, read here .

Medical Center Business Plan: Registration

After the business plan of the medical center is ready, it is necessary to proceed to the direct registration of the medical institution.

The simplest and most common form of registration of a medical center is an LLC (limited liability company). A private medical institution is registered with the tax office. You can read about the choice of legal form here.

For its registration, a certain package of documents is required: an application, a memorandum of association, a list and charter of an LLC, minutes of a meeting of founders, a receipt for payment of state duty.

You can read more about the registration procedure in this article.

License to carry out medical activities

In order for the medical center to be fully able to carry out its activities, it is necessary to obtain a license.

For this, it is necessary to have an equipped room and qualified medical personnel.

Medical Center Business Plan: Costs for Starting a Business

1) First you need to decide on the choice of premises

The premises for a medical facility can be rented. However, it should be remembered that the location of the future medical center will directly affect the number of visitors.

The closer the clinic is to the city center, the more patients there will be, and the price in accordance with the rent will be an order of magnitude higher than on the outskirts of the city.

So, on average, you can rent a small room in a busy area for $100,000 per month.

2) Purchase of equipment

The purchase of modern medical equipment is the most expensive part of this business. Its cost can vary from 700 thousand rubles. up to several thousand.

It all depends on the scale of the medical center and the capabilities of the LLC.

3) Selection and salary of personnel

The medical center requires qualified staff with valid certificates.

For a small private center, it will be enough to hire an administrator, an accountant, two doctors and two nurses.

The average salary of a doctor is 35 thousand rubles, a nurse — 12 thousand rubles.

4) Other expenses

It should be noted that the cost of renting a room, purchasing equipment, and paying for labor are only the main costs. In addition, the business plan should include:

  • building renovation costs
  • preparation of a package of documents,
  • buying medicines,
  • consumables,
  • utility bills, etc.