Barber shop business plan

Business plan

The number of visitors to the hairdresser does not depend on the time of year and the financial situation in the country.

This service sector is traditionally in demand among all categories of the population. A hairdressing business plan will help in organizing this profitable business .

Barber shop business plan: where to start?

1. The first stage of a hairdressing salon business plan is to rent or purchase a suitable space.

  • When choosing, it is important to consider the location. It is desirable that the place was crowded, with high traffic.
  • It will be successful to rent an area in a shopping and entertainment center, near a residential area.
  • It is forbidden to open a hairdressing salon in a residential apartment by the rules of the state standard of the Russian Federation. We need a non-residential building that has: a separate entrance, engineering systems, water supply and sewerage, its own ventilation system.
  • In addition to the main hall, the hairdresser should have household and utility rooms.
  • According to the rules of the State Standard, in order to obtain certificates, you need to submit standard applications to the authorities of the State Tax Inspectorate, fire safety and sanitary and epidemiological stations for a request to open a hairdressing salon in the premises at the specified address.

2. As in any type of activity, it will be necessary to become registered with the tax authorities

  • You can register as an LLC or as an individual entrepreneur (IP). You can read more about the choice of legal form here.
  • In the case of an individual entrepreneur, the hairdressers who will work for you can also be registered as an individual entrepreneur and, according to the documents, rent a workplace from you. This will be more beneficial in terms of saving on insurance premiums.

3. After the premises are selected and the required documents are completed, you can proceed to the design of the hall and the purchase of the necessary equipment

  • Bright and original design will be the hallmark of your establishment. It will not be superfluous to purchase a uniform for staff in accordance with the general style direction.
  • The hall must be visually divided into «male» and «female». Mirrored partitions will perfectly cope with this task.
  • Provide general lighting for the hall and spot lighting for each workplace.
  • Organize a comfortable waiting area: comfortable sofas or armchairs, a table with magazines, booklets and business cards of your hairdresser.
  • Soft music will help create a pleasant atmosphere.
You need to purchase the following equipment:
  • hairdressing chairs;
  • large mirrors;
  • head wash (mobile or stationary);
  • heated towel rails;
  • cabinets and cabinets for storage of consumables;
  • mobile carts for tools;
  • ultraviolet sterilizer;
  • cleaning equipment;
  • other interior items.
The next stage is recruitment and advertising

Minimum staff:

  • female hairdresser;
  • Barber;
  • master of purity;
  • administrator;
  • an accountant (or you can use the services of firms specializing in tax reporting).

The number of hairdressers will depend on the work schedule and the number of equipped workplaces.

An advertising campaign will help to loudly announce your hairdressing salon and attract the first visitors . Billboards, booklets and leaflets will help with this.

The business plan of a hairdressing salon implies the following costs

Project start costs:

  • purchase of equipment — 250,000 rubles;
  • advertising — 30,000 rubles;
  • registration of documents and permits — 20,000 rubles.

Total costs are low — from $ 300,000

Monthly expenses:

  • — rent of premises — 40,000 rubles;
  • — salaries to employees — 150,000 rubles;
  • — purchase of consumables — 5,000 rubles;
  • — advertising — 5,000 rubles.

Total — up to $ 200,000
The hairdressing business plan presented above is a budget option.

After developing a permanent client base, the hairdresser can be «expanded» to a beauty salon, providing the services of a nail design master, makeup artist, stylist and beautician.