Pizzeria business plan

Business plan

Pizza is a popular dish not only in Italy, but all over the world.

The key to a successful business in this area is:

  • quality products;
  • good service staff;
  • no long queue.

This business is quite profitable, but depends on its competent organization. The profit from this activity directly depends on the quality of the prepared products, as well as its cost.

The profitability of this business is based on the fact that 7 times less money is spent on making pizza than when selling it to a direct consumer.

With a competent strategy, the pizzeria pays off in full after 1 — 1.5 years.

In order for the business to become profitable, it is also necessary to draw up an exact business — a pizzeria plan.

Pizzeria Business Plan: Costs to Start a Business

First of all, you need to think about the premises, it is better if it is located in a crowded place (near the market, supermarket, or any other crowded place). To do this, you can either rent a room or build a new one.

How much capital investment is needed to implement a business plan for a pizzeria?

  1. Acquisition or purchase of premises — from 16 thousand dollars to 3.7 million.
  2. Equipment costs — from 150 thousand dollars.
  3. Salary fund — from 40 thousand dollars to 200 thousand dollars.
  4. Registration moments, purchase of your own seal — 14 thousand dollars.
  5. Acquisition and installation of a fire alarm — about 50 thousand dollars.
  6. The cost of furniture and utensils — from 250 thousand dollars.
  7. Purchase of technological maps for the production of pizza — from 60 thousand dollars.
  8. Funds for advertising — from 20 thousand dollars.
  9. Menu printing costs start at $40,000.
  10. Contracts with water supply, sewerage, energy saving organizations, SES — from 100 thousand dollars.

Total: from 740,000 to 4,600,000 thousand dollars. Also, funds may be required to change the design of the premises, train staff and install video surveillance.

The main risks of the project

As for the risks that should be considered when creating a business plan for a pizzeria, the following should be considered:

— the presence of similar organizations with the sale of fast food products (that is, competition);

— risks associated with the sale of goods (you can not stop selling pizza only in a pizzeria, but also offer delivery in the city).

What you need to pay attention to first of all in order to implement a business plan for a pizzeria?

1. From the very beginning, you need to invest in a well-placed room.

2. If you have a good premises in mind, then take care of good staff, as the quality of pizza and service will depend on them.

3. If the staff was found to be good, then you need to focus on high-quality raw materials for pizza. In this case, its taste will attract a large number of buyers.

4. Part of the funds must be spent on high-quality advertising (on city television, in newspapers, on the website). You can read about how to conduct market research for a pizzeria in this article .

5. Try to expand the range of products, say, in addition to traditional pizza, you can offer a vegetarian one.

6. In addition, pay special attention to pizza delivery around the city, as this direction also gives a very decent income.