laundry business plan

Business plan

Despite the fact that every home now has its own washing machine, laundries remain in demand.

Laundries provide a full range of services: ironing, drying, dry cleaning and even laundry delivery. If it is located in a residential area or near hostels, you can offer rental services for ironing boards and irons.

Laundry customers

There is a category of the population that has no time to wash on their own, and it is they who will become potential customers of the laundry.

As well as restaurants, cafes, hotels, inns and other establishments that need laundry, but they do not have their own resources and capabilities for this.

What do you need to pay attention to in a laundry business plan?

A laundry business plan should consider:

  1. The right choice of area and location in relation to potential customers;
  2. The choice of premises for the location of the laundry.

If you start construction from scratch, you need to decide on a suitable area for construction, and choose an area for running your business. If you rent a ready-made premises, you may need to pay for its repair, rent for the first few months, and arrangement inside the building.

The main advantages of a laundry business project

The laundry business idea is interesting and very attractive. You can read more about the laundry business idea in  this article .

The main money can be earned with the help of large clients — legal entities. Social enterprises, sanatoriums, hospitals, fitness centers, restaurants, railways, and the army wash thousands of kilograms a day. Working with them is a constant loading of the laundry, a large volume of orders and business stability.

Modern water cleaning will become a good direction in business development, the prices for its services are at a high level.

Investment and Operating Costs of a Laundry Business Plan

Even a small laundry needs to be provided with professional equipment. If you save on it, you can suffer losses in the future. The laundry complex is designed for three-phase 380-volt voltage, which will save on electricity bills.

It is important to organize an accurate accounting of cold water, and energy for heating it. Waste disposal must be justified so that environmental contributions do not exceed the norms laid down in the business plan.

Necessary costs at the start of the project:

  1. Purchase of equipment — $950,600;
  2. Ordering a sign, repairing the premises — $ 200,000;
  3. Equipment for a recreation area and purchase of furniture — $ 150,000;
  4. Working capital — 90,000 rubles.

Total: 1,390,600

Running laundry expenses:

  1. Salary — $35,000;
  2. Room rental — $40,000;
  3. Accounting — $3,000;
  4. UST — $10,000;
  5. Advertising — $25,000;
  6. Administrative expenses — $5,000;
  7. Others — $5,000

Total: 123,000

Before implementing a laundry project, it is important to calculate its payback. In order to calculate the payback of your business idea, you can follow this link:

Project risks
  1. Risk of losing customers. In order to attract and retain customers, it is necessary to think carefully about the pricing policy so as not to lead the business to a loss;
  2. Risk of production process failure. Interruptions in water supply, electricity, equipment malfunction can become risk factors for the project, lead to the suspension of work.

The profitability of the laundry is quite high. The amount of income depends on the following factors:

  1. The quality of washing, dry cleaning, which allow you to retain customers;
  2. Adequate prices — there is competition in the laundry services market;
  3. Availability of a system of discounts for regular customers;
  4. The range and range of services offered.
Without what it is impossible to launch a project?

The main thing in this business, as in any other, is to attract customers. For the successful implementation of the project, it is necessary to organize a competent advertising company:

  • creating your own website — business cards of the company with contact information,
  • distribution of flyers, leaflets, pointers with a sign.


An example of creating self-service laundries:

Good luck with your business!