Holiday agency business plan

Business plan

In our time, life gives us such a rhythm that we do not have time to enjoy all its delights. But how many reasons to have fun …

Many people are very fond of holidays, because this is another reason to escape from the gray everyday life and get into an atmosphere of happiness: unwind, chat with friends and, finally, relax.

But after all, someone needs to organize everything, but there is simply not enough time for this. Therefore, many turn to agencies that will do all the work for you.

Holiday agency business plan: what is needed to organize a business?

Why don’t you go into this business, because making people happy is the most enjoyable thing to do. The main thing in this business is to be purposeful, enterprising, have a rich imagination and an excellent sense of humor.

If all this is available, then you should already open a company organizing holidays. After all, you were created to give people a good mood, and, of course, you will have a stable income.

In the first couple of months you will have only a few orders, but then, when they find out about you, more will appear (for how to increase orders in a holiday agency, read here ).

First you need to draw up a business plan for a holiday agency and a great desire to work and earn.

Holiday agency business plan: starting investment amount

The business plan contains the following costs (in rubles):

  • company registration — about 5000;
  • office rent — about 350,000 per year;
  • renovation of office space — up to 60,000;
  • utilities — about 2,000 per month;
  • office equipment — $60,000;
  • furniture — about 200,000;
  • staff salaries — about 500,000 per year.

To start a business in this area in a big city, you need a little bit — $ 1,000,000

Project payback

On average, for one order, the agency will receive about 50,000 rubles, after six months of work to attract new customers, the number and cost of orders will increase to 90,000 rubles. for every.

If you calculate, then the business will bring income of about 2,000,000 rubles. per year, which means that all costs will pay off in no more than a year.

Holiday Agency Business Plan: Services and Clients

Further, in the business plan of the holiday agency, it is worth indicating the goal, namely, the provision of services for holding various holidays and events:

  • individuals,
  • private entrepreneurs,
  • small and large enterprises.

And of course, list what services your agency will provide. Here are some examples:

  • conducting and organizing weddings,
  • anniversaries,
  • birthdays,
  • corporate events,
  • children’s holidays and others.

Of course, even before you start writing a holiday agency business plan, you should study the market in advance and decide in what ways you will attract customers while bypassing most of your competitors.

Search for premises and equipment

It is also worth taking care of finding a suitable office. It should be located, if possible, in the city center, so that it is easier for customers to find you.

Think over the arrangement of the premises itself for the office. Make repairs, put new, comfortable furniture. Also take care of the equipment: several computers, laptops, scanners, printers, phones. You must always have access to the Internet. Set up several cabinets with the necessary literature.

For the holidays, you will also need equipment. Here is a short list:

  • company car,
  • microphones,
  • tape recorders,
  • projectors,

and little things like:

  • balloons,
  • confetti,
  • fancy dresses,
  • ribbons and more.

Don’t forget to include the number of staff in your holiday agency’s business plan. How many will you choose.

Also take care of advertising your agency. Leave ads about you on several sites, place them in newspapers.

When opening a similar business in a big city, it is worth remembering that you are not alone. But do not rush to leave the game at the initial level, because not everything and not everyone succeeds right away. Make every effort to reach your goal.