Water production business plan

Business plan

Everyone knows that you can’t drink running tap water, because it contains many toxic and unhealthy substances.

In this regard, the demand for purchased water increases. According to statistics, about 30% of people prefer to buy water in shops and supermarkets, so the demand for its production is high.

If you are serious about doing this kind of business , then be patient, because you have to go through many checks and collect a lot of documents on the way to an established production system.

For the effectiveness of such an enterprise, it is necessary to take a responsible attitude and create a high-quality business plan for the production of water.

Water production business plan: we select the right premises

First of all, you need to find a place to organize your manufacturing enterprise. It is worth considering the demand for purchased water in certain regions, as well as the presence of competitors.

If you see that there are already many companies providing such services in the city, then it would be better to open your business in another city.

The size of the room to accommodate all equipment is at least 300 m2. It will also require a large amount of electricity to ensure the operation of the entire production system.

Water Production Business Plan: Water Quality Metrics

Water from your production conveyor must comply with hygienic, epidemic standards and be safe for health.

From the side of epidemic safety, water must pass parasitological and microbiological standards. If all water standards are taken into account during production, then it will turn out to be of excellent quality.

Technological side of production and necessary equipment

You must decide what type of water your company will produce: ordinary or with useful properties.

Depending on the choice of the path, the further choice of the necessary equipment will also depend.

In general, to ensure the normal functioning of the production of drinking water, the following equipment is needed:

  • borehole pump,
  • water filter,
  • cisterns,
  • device for pouring water and for sticking labels.

If it is necessary to create a fully automated system, it will be necessary to purchase the following set of equipment:

  • filling station for bottles,
  • water weakening,
  • saturation and strong cleaning.

A complete set of such equipment will cost about 300 thousand dollars.

Water Production Business Plan: Product Advertisement

A very important step in promoting your finished product to the market is marketing and promotion .

You can advertise your water on television or radio, in newspapers or magazines, or on the Internet.

An important role is played by the name, label and slogan — the best option would be to provide this type of work to an advertising agency.

What staff is needed?

At least 30 people should manage the water production plan. This is the case if the process is not automated.

All of them must have the necessary knowledge in this area.

Water Production Business Plan: Initial Costs
  • land plot — 499 thousand dollars;
  • equipment — close to 305 thousand dollars, but maybe more;
  • installation of equipment — about 410 thousand;
  • other expenses — 390 thousand;
  • construction of the premises — 670 thousand dollars (there is also an option to rent the premises);
  • wages of employees — about 190 thousand dollars a month.

The total cost could reach $2.5 million.
The profitability of such an enterprise is 24%. Full payback — 2-3 years.