Computer repair business plan

Business plan

A computer repair business plan is a pretty interesting idea. Now almost every person has a computer or laptop that requires proper care and periodically breaks down.

Computer Repair Project Services List

You can perform work on the replacement of computer components. In addition, you can provide services for installing and configuring the OS and other software.

In general, the list of services can be as follows:

  • replacement of components of a PC, laptop;
  • OS reinstallation;
  • setting up modems, connecting to the network;
  • installation and configuration of new applications;
  • data recovery from hard and flash drives;
  • preventive services (dust cleaning, OS system registry cleaning, etc.)

You can read more about the business idea of ​​a computer service here .

Let’s talk about clients

At the start, most service organizations primarily aim to serve private customers.

But corporate clients—small businesses—also need computer specialists they are willing to hire outsourced. If they do not have a full-time computer specialist, they give the corresponding part of the work to other firms (for outsourcing).
Performing work and providing services in the field of computer repair is very useful for mastering and improving PC skills. The first six months will have to attract customers through advertising. In the future, with good work with the first clients, word of mouth will play its role and there will simply be no end to those who want to fix your computer.

Investment in the project

A computer repair business plan does not require a lot of start-up capital.

To start working in this area, in order to avoid problems with the tax service, you need to register as an individual entrepreneur (IP). If you want to open a network of computer repair services, you should think about registering a legal entity (LLC).

The composition of the initial investment in the project:

The cost of state duty, a notary, a bank account fluctuates around $ 2,500 for individual entrepreneurs and $ 5,000 for an LLC (in case of self-registration). Turnkey legal company registration services will cost about $5,000 and up to $10,000, respectively.

Start-up costs for setting up a business will be approximately $180,000, as follows:

  1. rental of premises — $ 25,000;
  2. purchase of equipment and software — $ 120,000 (if there is a lack of funds for the purchase of equipment, you can lease it);
  3. utility bills, telephone, internet, etc. — 10,000 dollars;
  4. advertising activities — $ 20,000;
  5. other expenses – $15,000.

Upfront start-up capital can be recouped within six to nine months of fruitful work. In the future, you can enjoy the profit.

The current expenses of the created business will be:

  1. payment of utility bills,
  2. employee wage costs,
  3. purchase of parts for device repair (if necessary).

Before implementing a computer service organization project, it is important to calculate the payback of the project. In order to calculate the payback of your business idea, you can follow this link:

Project risks and a step-by-step plan for its implementation

A computer repair business plan, like any other, should describe the risks. The main risk is competition. There may be many other similar services on the market in a particular location, so you need to think carefully about pricing and advertising policies.

To implement the described project, you must go through the following steps:

  1. gain the necessary experience or hire specialists who have it;
  2. rent an office;
  3. register an individual entrepreneur or LLC;
  4. purchase the necessary equipment;
  5. to advertise;
  6. start working.

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