Solarium business plan

Business plan

Everyone strives to have a good time and look great, so the idea of ​​​​opening a solarium is great for growing your own business.

When creating a business plan for a solarium, there are many factors to consider, the main of which is the demand for these services in your city or even city area. Naturally, it is better to open a solarium in a large metropolis, because the demand and the flow of customers there will be much greater than in the regional center or village.

But do not forget that competition in large cities is much higher, since the business idea of ​​a solarium is not new, and has been developed by entrepreneurs for several years.

Not everyone can afford to go to the sea or sunbathe on the beach, especially if it is a cold season outside, and a beautiful tan is essential. It is this demand that the solarium business plan is focused on. It must be taken into account that this idea requires significant costs for the purchase of equipment and rental of premises.

Starting investments in the opening of a solarium

First of all, when drawing up a business plan, you need to pay attention to the choice of equipment, because your income will depend on its price and quality.

At the same time, it is worthwhile to clearly understand where and how much you will have to invest:

  • Solarium equipment. Today there are two types of solariums on the market: horizontal and vertical. The latter, due to their relatively low price and quality, are very popular in the modern market. As for the price, their average cost fluctuates around $ 200,000.
  • Renting a room is an equally important factor, because the flow of potential customers depends on the right place. The closer the solarium is located to potential customers, the more people will visit it.
  • Indoor interior design. In order to create comfortable conditions for your customers, it takes an average of about $80,000 to decorate one room.
  • Advertising — In order to get customers to your tanning salon, you will need to run an initial promotional event, which will cost about $50,000.

In total, in order to open a solarium for 3-4 devices, you will need about 2 thousand dollars.

Current business expenses, business payback

Salaries will be the main cost item for the solarium. In the process of work, it will also be necessary to spend money on training employees.

Also, the items of fixed costs will be: cleaning, security, expenses for repair and maintenance of equipment. All this will take about $ 35,000, depending on the location of the project.
The average profit at one point will be from 150,000 to 200,000 dollars per month, the project will pay off within 1 year.

Before implementing a solarium opening project, it is better to calculate its payback. In order to calculate the payback of your business idea, you can follow this link:

The main risks of the project

When drawing up a business plan for opening a solarium, various risks should be taken into account.

  • So, you should qualitatively select the location of the solarium, because in the absence of a flow of customers, the business will pay off significantly in a longer time frame;
  • No less big risk is associated with recruitment, because service is an important component of the service market.
Phased project implementation plan

If you decide to open your own solarium, then you should first do the following:

  1. Analyze market trends in your city;
  2. If the demand is greater than the supply, the place for the saloon should be carefully chosen;
  3. Determine sources of funding for the project. If you intend to build a serious business, then the amount of start-up costs will be 1-2 million dollars;
  4. Select high-quality equipment based on market trends;
  5. Organize attention-grabbing advertising and «promotion» of your salon;
  6. Carefully equip the interior;
  7. Recruit staff and formalize your business.

If you do everything right, your business plan to open your own tanning salon will pay off within a year and begin to bring you profit every month.