Service station business plan

Business plan

When compiling a business plan for a service station, there are many points to consider. First of all, you should decide on the location of the future car service, what will be its target audience and what services you will provide to the public.

The choice of premises for service stations

Please note that by law your service center must not be closer than 50 meters from residential buildings and facilities. In addition, a centralized sewage system is required, and permits from the fire service, SES and the traffic police.

  • The optimal area for a car service station is considered to be a site of 300 or more squares.
  • Do not forget to take into account the fact that similar workshops may already be nearby.
  • Find out what mode of transport your competitors are using. Convenient access roads should lead to your center, allowing even «planted» cars to reach you.

But the most important point can be called, after all, the qualifications of the masters. The number of your customers and profit will depend on how competently and professionally your employees and you yourself will work.

You can read about what options for organizing a service station in the article: “ How to open a service station? »

As for the form of your organization, you can become an individual entrepreneur or choose UTII.

Price for service stations

Any good workshop business plan foresees in advance what services the car service will offer to its customers. The larger this list, the better.

Please note that some jobs are more profitable than others. For example, repairing the brake system is not as profitable as repairing an automatic transmission or manual transmission. However, no service center can do without this service.

You can choose to service certain brands of cars, for example, only German foreign cars. Or do only window tinting, tuning, and so on.

What is a good service station business plan?

Because it’s really profitable. Even taking into account the fact that today a car service can be found in any area of ​​the city, its services are always popular. In order not to make a mistake, your service station business plan should also include an assessment of the work of your closest competitors — according to their target audience, according to the cost of their work, according to the list of services provided. Perhaps you can find weaknesses or completely unoccupied niches for yourself.

Before implementing the project of opening a service station, it is better to calculate its payback. In order to calculate the payback of your business idea, you can follow this link:

Service station advertising

In order for the business to flourish, at first you need effective advertising. It should be placed near such objects as entertainment venues, sports clubs, shopping centers. Do not forget about the possibilities of the global web and Internet sites.

Start-up investments and operating expenses of service stations

It is necessary to purchase equipment taking into account what services you will provide. In general, there is always a need:

  • in tools (about 100 thousand dollars),
  • in diagnostic equipment (about 70-100 thousand dollars),
  • in the lift (about 50-120 thousand dollars).

Consider the cost of highly specialized equipment, as well as the installation of all purchased equipment.

Current costs of service stations:

On average, advertising costs about 25-30 thousand dollars, and about 30 thousand dollars for the approval of documentation in the regulatory authorities. Expenses await you when renting a room, buying consumables, and paying employees.

With revenues of $500,000 per month, the amount of net income is usually at least $70,000.