Dentistry business plan

Business plan

A well-designed dental business plan can bring you excellent profits. The demand for dental services will always be consistently high. One doctor sees one patient per hour on average. If we take into account the fact that the cost of a visit to the dentist is about 1500-1700 dollars or more, then one specialized office can generate an income of 450-500 thousand dollars in revenue per month.

Expenses for rent and equipment of the premises

When compiling a business plan for dentistry, you must take into account that two doctors must have at least 40 m2 of space. When renting real estate, remember that in addition to the main office, you will need to equip a locker room, a bathroom, a waiting area, utility rooms. Expenses await you when arranging the premises — furniture, materials and tools, an autoclave, X-ray equipment, a dentist’s chair.

Dentistry is the type of activity that needs to obtain a license and permits. Include in the business plan of dentistry and such costs as well. Note that it will be necessary to spend not only money, but also time on the settlement of bureaucratic formalities.

Staffing of dentistry

The average working hours of dental clinics are from 9-10 am to 20 pm. The staff must have at least 2 doctors, as well as an administrator. Dentists will work in different shifts. Each of them will need a nurse, in addition, it is also worth keeping an accountant in the state. In most cases, doctors receive not only a salary, but also a percentage of the profits. This motivates them to do their job well.

Starting investments in the business plan
  1. About 800 thousand dollars must be spent on consumables;
  2. About 1,200 thousand dollars — to pay employees in the first months of work (before the launch of sales);
  3. About 3,000 thousand dollars — for the purchase of inventory and fixed assets;
  4. Approximately 200 thousand dollars — for the rental of premises (the first 2-3 months);
  5. Do not forget about advertising — on average, it costs 15-20 thousand dollars a month (to launch a project);
  6. At least $100,000 should be set aside for unexpected expenses;
  7. And in order to register a company and obtain a license, get ready to pay about 200 thousand dollars.

In any case, you will not be able to open a well-equipped dental office and hire staff for less than 5-5.5 thousand dollars.

According to statistics, having an excellent business plan for dentistry and doing your job with high quality, it is possible to recoup all expenses after one and a half to two years.

Before implementing a project to open dentistry, it is better to calculate its payback. In order to calculate the payback of your business idea, you can follow this link:

Risks and bottlenecks of the project

Much of the success of the project depends on how competently you can choose a place to open a clinic. Pay attention to competing companies. If you are located in an area that will already have a lot of dental offices that offer their services both qualitatively and inexpensively, then you may fail in business.

It is very important to take responsibility for the search and selection of employees. Good dentists may come to you with their own clientele. And in this case, a certain income will be guaranteed.

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