Tattoo parlor business plan

Business plan

The tattoo business is its own business, which gives a lot of advantages and great freedom of action for the masters. Making beautiful, high-quality tattoos is a real art, and not everyone is able to master such a craft. Here you can not do without artistic talent and great zeal for creativity. A business plan for a tattoo parlor is a great idea worth considering. A tattoo salon is considered successful if it generates income, which is able to cover the costs of starting a business, as well as bring additional high profits.

Nowadays it is often considered very fashionable to get a tattoo. Young people who want to stand out, feel different from everyone else, get tattoos. Young people with the help of tattoos try to increase the significance of an event and as a sign of this they can get tattoos for themselves, for which they are willing to pay well. Professionals in this field are able to make good money, as tattoos are not cheap.

You can read more about the business idea of ​​​​opening a tattoo parlor here .

Starting investment in opening a tattoo parlor

The initial investment in the tattoo parlor business plan must include:

  • equipment — good tattoo machines cost from 10 thousand dollars. For one specialist, at least three machines are needed for applying different colors;
  • starting investments in the repair of the premises;
  • rental of premises for the period of repair;
  • furniture, stands, investments in the internal image of the premises;
  • advertising for the start of the project

The amount of expenses for opening a tattoo parlor will largely depend on the scale of the project. The implementation of a business plan will cost about $500,000 on average.

Project risks

The main risk of the project lies in the narrowness of the market — not everyone is ready to get a tattoo. At the initial stage, it is necessary to attract customers through advertising. Subsequently, there will be repeated orders, regular customers. During the first year it will be quite difficult, but over time, subject to the provision of services of a decent level, everything will pay off. In order to «survive» in this market, you need to be not only a good entrepreneur, but above all — an excellent craftsman and know your business perfectly.

In terms of service — very convenient for the client — tattoos at home. You can also save money on renting a room at the initial stage by providing services in an apartment.

Before implementing the project of opening a tattoo parlor, it is better to calculate its payback. In order to calculate the payback of your business idea, you can follow this link:

The main steps in the implementation of business ideas
  1. Select and rent a room or apartment;
  2. Purchase the necessary equipment;
  3. Organize a good advertising campaign to promote the project and attract customers.

The market for tattoo services is quite narrow. Before you build a clientele and start making money, you need to prepare for the fact that 6-12 months will pass at «low turnover» with single clients. However, if you stick to the chosen direction and systematically build up a clientele, success is guaranteed.