Shopping mall business plan

Business plan

Nowadays, people are accustomed to receiving a wide range of quality services with minimal time.

To meet this need, shopping centers are being built. The purpose of the shopping center construction project is to make a profit from the subsequent leasing of retail space.

Benefits of building a shopping center
  • Obtaining long-term profit from tenants of retail space with a one-time capital investment. You can invest once, and then receive dividends from this for the rest of your life.
  • If the shopping center is located in a well-accessible place, it is imperative to rent out part of the area for a grocery store. People will always buy food, which means they will stop by your mall.
  • social effect. With a competent choice of the location of the shopping center, people living nearby will have the opportunity to purchase goods and services without wasting time on travel.
Technical and economic indicators of the construction of a shopping center

Cost of marketing research: 40 thousand rubles;

The cost of implementing a project with an area of ​​500 m2: 9.50 million rubles;

The cost of annual maintenance of the premises, including the wages of maintenance personnel and payment for energy carriers: 2.50 million rubles;

Simple payback period of the project: 36.0 months;

Project life cycle: 15.0 years before overhaul

Shopping center business plan: main stages of project implementation

1. Preparatory stage

In order to minimize risks and increase the chances of a quick financial profit, you should pay special attention to marketing research. After all, how relevant the location is for the future shopping center will depend on the number of customers and, accordingly, the number of potential tenants.

Implementation period 2 months.

2. Main stage

At this stage, it is necessary to carry out design and survey work, and then construction. Contractors should be selected on a tender basis to reduce the risk of poor quality work.

Implementation period 8–10 months

3. Final stage

Landscaping. Commissioning of the shopping center and search for potential tenants.

Implementation period 2 months.

Shopping Mall Business Plan: Estimating a project for labor costs during operation

In order to obtain a stable income from the operation of the shopping center for the convenience and comfort of the tenant, the owner assumes the responsibility of maintaining the retail space.

This requires the following state:

  • 8 people of technical staff;
  • 1 accountant;
  • 1 manager.

It is especially necessary to approach the choice of a manager carefully, because it is he who will solve urgent issues and communicate directly with tenants.

The financial costs of maintaining retail space consist of staff salaries and the purchase of consumables.

Formation of the cost of renting premises

First of all, it is necessary to monitor the cost per m2 of rent of such premises in this area of ​​the city. The price for tenants must be competitive.

Particular attention in the formation of the price per m2 should be paid to utilities. The owner of the shopping center should pay for them, but at the same time, care must be taken that this amount is proportionally included in the cost of m2.