Training center business plan

Business plan

Opening a training center with a sound approach, optimal prices and interesting ideas can become a profitable business.

Contrary to popular belief, a training center does not always have to have its own lecturers. Courses can be organized both on an occasional and permanent basis.

The main goal is to achieve the interest of listeners and increase sales.

Training center business plan: choosing a business format

The business plan of the training center should, first of all, describe the main idea that is laid as the basis for the existence of the company.

It can be a language, culinary, dance center, other specialized areas can be chosen.

The Center can work with guest lecturers whose courses and master classes are relevant and in demand, or form its own lecture team.

In other words, there can be many formats of training centers, the main thing is to choose the main idea of ​​promotion and direction of activity.

How much will it cost to open a training center?

The cost of opening a center for different profiles differs dramatically. Here are some calculations for a training center that organizes courses on an occasional basis.

What are the main costs of opening a center?

  • opening a back office: rent of premises per month — 7,500 rubles / month, payment for the work of a secretary — 15,000 rubles / month, payment for the work of an additional manager — 20,000 rubles / month, director’s salary — 25,000 rubles / month;
  • creation and promotion of a website for the purpose of selling courses via the Internet: 25,000 rubles;
  • room rental for lectures: 2500 rubles/lecture, advertising — 5000 rubles/course.

The main idea behind the existence of such a center is to find interesting courses or lecturers and invite them to give lectures or conduct master classes.

At first, we advise you to limit yourself to 3-day master classes or intensive courses.

  • Firstly, it will make it possible to profit from each event and track your own profitability of work.
  • Secondly, short courses are more relevant and better sold to consumers.

Also try to find advertising partners who will make bright and memorable commercials that attract attention.

What courses are popular?

Which lecturers should be invited in order to quickly and effectively implement participation in master classes and intensives?

1. The most popular areas include ceramic floristry, sushi making, business trainings on making money on the Internet, culinary master classes on making pasta, restaurant food, including serving.

2. Recently, courses on sexual culture have become popular.

3. Foreign language intensives are still popular. This is a more expensive event than a master class.

The business plan of an intensive training center should include renting a room for work for at least 8 hours a day. It is better to rent a room in a country hotel, where there is a place for classes or a conference room.

Visitors, respectively, buy participation in the intensive with accommodation and meals. A distinctive feature of working on such courses is the achievement of complete immersion in the material.

We advise you to carefully choose directions and make them diverse. In this case, regular customers can attend courses.

Business plan of the training center: the main risks of the project

The risks are:

  • lack of sufficient income to maintain the center
  • and the unpopularity of the courses.

It all depends on the creativity of the center and the level of service for students. Make courses interesting and useful, implement participation at the best cost.

Get employees interested in percentages of the sales volume, attract advertising and sales agents who will popularize your center.

Organize webinars and make videos that can also be commercialized.

Business plan of the training center: the main steps for its implementation

In order to open a training center and make it successful, you need:

  • develop course programs, identify a circle of potential partners (lecturers);
  • calculate the cost of each individual intensive, master class and the cost for the participant;
  • rent an office and hire staff.

We advise you to start with initial capital, so that for the first month you can organize courses without focusing on income — it is easier to organize and control processes.

But in the absence of funds and the presence of desire, the business plan of the training center can be implemented almost from scratch.